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Offers in English

The unit of speech that expresses a complete thought, has a certain grammatical form and tone, is a sentence in English (the Sentence). Grammar section, called syntax (syntax), examines the proposals in English. We all say the proposals, so the construction of grammatical and lexical correct statements is the key to a good English-language speech. The principles of constructing sentences in English are set out in the article of the same name.

Offers in English can be characterized in terms of their structure and purpose statements. It is known that the target we have declarative statements (declarative), imperative (imperative), question (interrogative) proposals, each of which may be even negative (negative) or an exclamation (exclamatory). The structure of the sentences in the English language offers us a simple (simple), slozhnosochinennye (compound) and compound (complex) offer. Read more about this you can see «Types of sentences in the English language.» A certain type of complex sentences in the English language displayed in a separate section «Conditional Offer».

Of course, it is good to be guided in drawing up proposals in English, you need to clearly know its main and secondary parts of the sentence (main / secondary parts of the sentence). On the blog you can appreciate the articles on the subject and predicate.

After studying the proposed article, you will no doubt learn to competently express their thoughts in the form of sentences in English!



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