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Ni Hao Chinese or by Skype

In the XVIII century, all educated people fluent in at least two foreign languages: German and French. In the XX century to replace the popular European languages ​​came to English, which is still considered the language of international communication. But 10 years ago there was another player on the world stage popular languages ​​- Chinese. Unlike all European languages, it has become popular among many progressive people.

The trend is particularly strong spread of Chinese touched Russia. A few years ago, people have decided that they need to start learning Chinese. The reason is not only and not so much a geographical position as a tempting prospect to cooperate with a country that has one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The crisis of 2008 and the so-called «Great Chinese miracle» (the rapid development of China’s economy) have shown with whom it would be good to have a trading relationship. Now they say, Who sees the future, who teaches Chinese.

Natalie — our teacher Chinese

Our school also follows the modern trends, and want to offer you a new direction in training — Chinese on Skype at our school with the teacher Natalia.

Teacher Natalya for more than eight years of experience in teaching English and Chinese. It might seem that to learn Chinese on Skype is impossible or very difficult. Yes, there are features of this language. But there is nothing that would hurt his master. We’ll show you an example of how the Chinese lessons via Skype.

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An example of a Chinese lesson on Skype

Interview with Natalia

During the lesson, I kept thinking: What could make a person want to teach the Chinese language? He’s so complicated, so distant from us, unlike anything. I could not resist and decided to ask a few questions to Natalia, to understand her motivation to work with this language.

Svetlana: Natalia, my first question may sound pretty straightforward, but it is so matured in my mind: why did you decide to learn Chinese?

Natalia: Foreign languages ​​- this is my life. From school age, I was interested in studying them. So it happened that when my life was a Chinese, I have in the arsenal have been English, French and Spanish. Your question made me smile, because the story is really fun. One day my friends and I watched a movie with Jackie Chan. My friend dropped a phrase that learning any foreign language — it’s just a trifle compared with the study of Chinese, it is simply impossible to learn! That was the beginning, the challenge was thrown in the first place itself. And then I just can not imagine that from the very first lessons China, its culture, history and, of course, itself Chinese ever win my heart, will open a new world and become constant companions of my life.

Svetlana: What difficulties did you encounter at the beginning of Chinese? Is it possible to compare learning Chinese with English or other languages? How long does it take to master Chinese at the level of survival?

Natalia: Chinese, in my opinion and personal experience, not much more complicated all the other languages ​​of the world. To learn it is quite real, it simply takes more effort. Some difficulty at the beginning is pronunciation — namely, tones. Also, difficulties may arise in the hieroglyphic writing. But if you make an effort, it is possible to cope with all the features of the Chinese.

As for the progress and visible results, it all depends on how you learn. You can, and for a year and a half to reach the mid-level, and it is possible within five years of training is proud to tell me that you learn the Chinese language, while remaining at the level of «Introductory Chinese language.» For my part, do my best to the student was interested in doing.

Svetlana: I know that you went to a language school in China to practice and perfect the Chinese. What were your expectations from the training and how much they differ from reality? What gave you this trip as a professional?

Natalia: This autumn has finally fulfilled my dream, and I took pedagogical-language practice in Shanghai. For me, as a teacher, it was priceless, because it was an opportunity not only to speak with native speakers, but also to discuss, compare the methods of teaching foreign languages ​​teachers from other countries — in Europe, Asia, Latin and South America. And, answering your question, I would like to give a detailed answer. Firstly, the study of the Chinese language — this is a serious reason to be proud of themselves. To be able to read hieroglyphics, speak one of the oldest languages ​​in the world, what is not a reason for pride? And if you can still display the characters, you will likely average shokiruete even Chinese! A lot of you know a friend or friends who can boast of such an achievement? In addition, China and the Chinese language — is the prospect for the future. It is no secret that the study of the Chinese language is becoming more popular every year. The answer to the question «why» is quite clear: today’s China is a high-tech, exorbitant rates, unrealistic shipments, millions of transport and production companies. In other words, China is now — is the center of the world of business where the expense is worth billions — billions all: dollars, tons of cargo, even humans. There is no doubt that knowledge of the language — a huge advantage in the work!

Svetlana: People abroad (especially in a country that is so different from ours) are experiencing culture shock. What surprised you on a trip? Why were not you ready?

China — it’s so different country and culture that comparing «better / worse ‘is inappropriate here. Certainly, China leaves an ambiguous impression, here it is perfectly suited phrase: «And we do not have!» In my opinion, Shanghai — a city of the future, one of the largest cities in the world. City contrasting mix of old and new styles. Most importantly, what it is impossible not to pay attention — is the number of people on the street. And like not surprising, because China’s population is over 1.3 billion people, and the head can be prepared for this, but the reality is still different. On the streets of Shanghai on a weekday, I felt like the subway at rush hour. But, surprisingly, the Chinese are very slow, they are not in a hurry. And much «alive» when they see Europeans. They each have their goals towards «laovaev» (as the Chinese derisively called foreigners). Someone yearns for you to view from all sides, to assess your outfit, touch, especially hair (… yes, then get ready)! Many will want to be photographed with you, to later proudly expose photo sharing social network. Well, someone wants you to sell banal miracle products that you can buy a «here and now». But perhaps the biggest impression on me the sights. I was lucky enough to visit the Jade Buddha Temple and the Temple of Confucius.

Svetlana: What are your plans for the future in relation to the Chinese? What are you dreaming now?

Natalia: Of course, evolve and improve. Standing still can not be, especially for Chinese language teachers — is unforgivable. Here it is necessary to keep abreast to always be in the ranks!

As you can see, the devil is not so terrible … If you have the experience of studying at least one foreign language, the second and third languages ​​will go much easier. Nothing is impossible. The experience of learning Chinese Natalia prove this statement!

If you are interested in learning the Chinese language through Skype, sign up for a free introductory lesson with Natalia. It will be your reliable guide in the process of learning Chinese, and the lessons it will be effective and non-boring.

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