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Newspapers and magazines in English

Hardly anyone disputes the fact that reading is useful, and reading foreign literature — is doubly useful. In reading, we will not only expand the range of its knowledge, get answers to the questions we need, but also train the visual memory, filling it with a new vocabulary and rules of its competent use. And in this case it does not matter the language in which you are reading. Of course, basically, we read books and newspapers in their own language. But, if you learn any foreign, be sure to include reading in your learning process. Read everything you need — from classical literature to the periodicals.

Reading newspapers and magazines in the English language has many advantages. Firstly, you get the information from the source, not translated, and processed for the ordinary reader. Secondly, you will not find in a Russian newspaper, some of the information present in the English-language press. Third, you’ll generate a passive reserve of vocabulary and the skills to use it. Well, finally, the most important advantage — in newspapers and magazines in English presented a living language, with all its turns, phraseology and idioms, proverbs and sayings, slang. Moreover, some publications refer to a particular field of knowledge and activity (newspapers, magazines and the business sector, geographical focus periodicals, scientific publications, etc.). But the information provided in newspapers and magazines in English, and is very useful for professionals. Well, we begin to read?

How to read newspapers and magazines in English

If you prefer prints that you can hold in their hands, and with their articles to work (note the main thing to emphasize unfamiliar words, identify interesting traffic, etc.), pay attention to the newspapers and magazines in English, which can be purchased in retail sale or get a subscription. It should be noted that we can conditionally speak of two groups of newspapers and magazines in English: those who produce in your home country to study English and native English editions, which go in the English-speaking countries. Among the publications in Russia and Ukraine is very interested in the following:

  1. «English Learner’s Digest» for English language learners. This 16-page English-language newspaper for those whose level is estimated from the beginner to intermediate. You can get twice a month by subscribing.
  2. «English 4 you». This magazine in English covering readership with levels of upper-intermediate and advanced. It presents interesting articles on a variety of topics necessary vocabulary, grammatical nuances phraseology. One such magazine in English is 15 hryvnia. By Subscription he turns out a little cheaper, published twice a month. You can also visit the site of this publication and download a toll free number for information.
  3. Russia has also produced a remarkable English-language newspaper «School English». In it you can find fascinating and informative materials contained modern English. It also contains materials for the delivery of the unified state exam. And for fun — crosswords in English competitions. This 32-page newspaper is published once a month. Paid a visit to the following address:

If you are sure to use in the learning process should only original newspapers and magazines in English, you will approach the publication of Great Britain, the USA, Australia and other English-speaking countries (optional). In big cities, some of these periodicals are available at the places of distribution of printed materials. But not all, and not always. In this case, the Internet — our invaluable assistant. All print foreign newspapers and magazines in English have their own sites on the Internet the same name, which provides on-line versions of these publications. You can free them to consider the proposals in the information, view videos with interviews, write news, to get acquainted with accompanying illustrations. And you can combine business with pleasure: for read «Times» and «Washington Post», and the rest with «Cosmopolitan» and «Elle» («Playboy» and «FHM» for men).

Here are the sites where web-versions of newspapers and magazines in English:

  • — popular editions
  • — British, American, Canadian, Australian newspapers
  • — newspapers and magazines in English, classified by country
  • — edition of almost any country in the world

Read newspapers and magazines in English. You will not only be aware of major events, but also greatly enrich your English.



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