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New Year Post Cards. Writing Christmas cards in English

Most of us find your favorite New Year’s holiday. And no wonder, since this festival connects us with the childhood, family and something fabulous in the New Year, we always believe in the best, make a wish, we summarize achievements and look forward to the coming year. As they say, to receive, you must first give. And wanting to better yourself, be sure to wish the best to your family and friends.

Besides pleasant wishes for a glass of champagne for New Year’s table, you can congratulate those who did not meet with you this holiday via postcards.

Postcard can be both electronic and present, in the envelope, just like old times. 🙂

I think it would be logical to start with the appeals. Let’s start with the official.

If you refer to male colleagues, at your disposal there are several options:

  • Mr. — Used to refer to a man of any age and any family situation. After this treatment, you must put the name of the man.

    Dear Mr. Smith — Dear Mr. Smith.

  • Sir (sirs — plural) — you can consume if you do not know the names of the recipient.

    Dear Sir — dear sir.

  • Messrs — appeal to more men.

    Messrs Adamson and Hoggarth.

If your colleague (fellow) — women, then you need to use the following forms:

  • Miss — a form of treatment in relation to unmarried girls. Next, you need to use her name.

    Dear Miss MacAdam — dear Miss McAdam.

  • Mrs — Refers to married ladies, and after — the surname.

    Dear Mrs Benson — dear Mrs. Benson.

  • Ms. — Neutral form of treatment, which is used in reference to a woman, and underlines its family status. After it also put the name.

    Ms. Austin — Ms. Austen.

  • Madam — the most formal form of address for a woman, is also used, if the name is not known.

    Dear Madam — dear Madame (Mrs.).

  • Mesdames (Mmes + names) — treatment of women in the plural.

Other treatment options in relation to his colleagues:

  • Strictly formal style: My dear Sir / My dear Madam / Madam.
  • Less strict official style: Dear Sir / Dear Madam.
  • Less formal meetings and the presence of long-term business relationship: Dear Mr. Adams / Dear Mrs. Adams.
  • In a less formal communication is possible to write: Dear colleague (s).

If you refer to your friends, your family or loved ones:

  • Dear Harry — Harry dear.
  • Dearest George — George dear.
  • My darling (my sweet) — my dear (in handling the closest any pleasant epithets welcome :-)).
  • Or you can put in circulation only the name of the recipient.

Next, consider the options for New Year’s greetings:

My best wishes for a healthy and happy New Year! — My best wishes for health and happiness in the new year!

May this season of joy open doors to new opportunities and pave new paths of success for you! Happy New Year! — Let this winter will open your doors to new opportunities, and point the way to success! Happy New Year!

May this Christmas be bright and cheerful and may the New Year begin on a prosperous note! — May this Christmas be bright and cheerful, and the New Year bring prosperity!

In appreciation of our association during the past year we extend our very best wishes! Happy New Year! — We express our best wishes to you in gratitude for the cooperation in the past year! Happy New Year!

Sending the warmest New Year wishes to you and your family. — I send you and your family best wishes for the New Year.

Best wishes, love and success for a happy holiday season. — Best wishes, love and success in these holidays.

May the gorgeous celebrations of the season bring you prosperity and good cheer! — Let these wonderful holidays bring you prosperity and fun!

Wishing you peace, love and hope in New Year! — I wish you peace, love and hope in the new year!

With all the best wishes for the New Year! — Best New Year Wishes!

May I take this opportunity to wish you happiness in the New Year and always! — I wish you to be happy on the occasion of the new year, and always!

May your life be filled with love, happiness and good cheer this New Year! — Let your life be filled with love, happiness and joy in this new year!

The closest desire everything you want from a pure heart, as you probably know, what they dream about.

Options for the final phrase in English:

  • The official postcard: Best regards, Yours truly (with respect), Respectfully yours (from the slave to the head), Best wishes.
  • For relatives and friends: Sincerely yours, Your friend (brother, son), Yours ever, Lots of love, Truly yours, Best wishes, Yours as always.

Hope you useful information congratulations and advice.

And in turn, …

I wish you to be creative, hardworking and inspired in your English studies, be happy, loved and successful in all your efforts in the New 2013 Year!



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