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Movies in English

English can be studied in different ways. One like a class with books, audio courses attract others, and still others prefer speaking practice. Each of these methods has its advantages, but the effect of the training will be great, if you do not get involved in one of them, and combine all. And if you’ll add to your learning process watching movies in English, your level of knowledge will be much higher than those who do not. And to master the English language you’ll be faster. Try to correctly view the movie in English, and the result will not take long.

Why do I need to watch a movie in English

Viewing the movie in English has a positive effect on the learning process. This contributes rad advantages of this method. Let’s start with a pleasant: we each have a favorite director or actor. But, for the most part, we do not know the sound of their voice in real life. After all, we are looking laminated films and voices of our pets other people say. What a pleasure to bring you a film in his own language! Indeed, in this case, you will be able to enjoy not only the real voices of the characters, but also heard a real English spoken language is not treated and corrected translators.

Moreover, viewing the movie in English, you will be at the hearing did not take the book English and conversational, full of all kinds of expressions, slang, acronyms and just what you never can not be found in textbooks. The perception of foreign speech at the hearing is a significant obstacle for English language learners. Even with a rich vocabulary, you may be surprised that in a conversation some words sound different, and some are swallowed, that they do not know. Native speakers speak quite fluently, which also complicates the perception. Cadence, which communicate with each other, too, to learn. That this around you and you will get used to watching movies in English. And the presence in the film will help absorb the subtitles and written English language, as you will remember how to spell it, or another word.

How to watch a movie in English

If you competently approach the process of watching a movie in English, you will not only improve your English, but also get a lot of pleasure from watching your favorite pictures. Where do you start? First of all, decide the choice of the film in English. This may be any picture, but it is preferable to take the film to be pleasant and interesting for you to watch. Another condition for beginners to watch movies in English — is the choice of the film that you have seen in the native language. So you will be aware of the storyline, and so will understand what is at stake. Of course, even looking at the picture and sound without words, you will expressions and facial expressions of the characters and events’ll change the whole meaning of the film. But that does not discourage a desire to engage in such a useful thing, start to have the seen the picture. People who know English, after watching a dubbed film will get acquainted with the original and often find errors in translation. Sometimes they are not essential, and sometimes incorrectly translated word or expression can radically change your opinion about any character or event. It is very useful to watch soap operas in their original language, because they played real-life situations.

To get started, choose a movie in English with subtitles. Of course, many films are without them, but you need to find subtitles in our time is not a problem. Internet and will provide it. Here is one of the links: — Here are the subtitles for any movie. Watch a movie in English with subtitles can be without them. If you do not understand a conversation, stop recording and scroll through it as many times as required. If you still can not understand the meaning of what was said, connect subtitles and presented words and their translations, you will understand what I mean. Looking for the translation of unknown words and expressions, prescribing them, you train different types of memory. Also, try to pronounce the word you, pronunciation training, and model the intonation.

Where to watch a movie in English

In large cities, there are cinemas, which broadcast English-language pictures. But going for such a view, you must have a sufficiently high level language, because there you will not be able to apply all these recommendations.

At home you can use for this purpose computer or a DVD-player. For the second option you will need to buy a DVD-movie discs, as in the first case, use the internet. A large number of films in English are in social networks and online resources to view: Or visit their websites for downloading —



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