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Methods of Teaching English

Modern teacher can complain about anything, but not on the choice of the scarcity of modern methods of teaching English language, and their number is increasing. In the arsenal of methods of learning a foreign language, there are classics that have passed the test of time, and even more exotic, for example, the so-called method of suggestion. I will not argue that some of them work at 100%, and some not good last year’s snow. But, nevertheless, there are methods of teaching English language, which in practice turned out to be several orders of magnitude more efficient than other methods.

The most popular methods of teaching English

The most popular methods today are the classic methods of teaching English language and communicative method.

Classical technique is most commonly used language in schools and universities. Learning English in this approach is carried out from the beginning with the alphabet and phonetics. Attention is paid to all four components of the study: listening, reading, writing and speaking. The process is systematic and stable yields fundamental knowledge. This method of teaching English It allows you to create not only a competent spoken language, but not a written language for the students of difficulty.

The communicative method of language learning has been recognized relatively recently. Communicative method — is, above all, practice communication and training of perception of foreign speech at the hearing. Application of this method in the learning process in a short period of time helps to overcome the language barrier. With even a small vocabulary, students can try their hand in the process of communicating in a foreign language from the very first sessions. This method of learning English gives good results precisely because it is aimed at the creation of an artificial language environment. Committing to communicate more than 80% of study time, students entering the real conditions of communication, have little difficulty.

Lately we hear more and more about the intensive method. In my personal opinion, this method is good in emergency situations, but the system of knowledge, he does not. Especially talk about the rich vocabulary is not necessary.

The variety of teaching methods of English allows the teacher to choose the most effective option in his opinion, for the way this group of students. And sometimes it is a set of training methods, taking into account the pros and cons of all the methods used in the classroom gives fruitful results.



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