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Methods for English learning

Language — is a means of influence on the world, and we all want to own a little bit of magic. The native language we all use a child easily, automatically. It almost does not remain mysteries for us, and everyone wants to learn a foreign language experience something similar in relation to this new stranger — English.

To address this, at first glance, a daunting task we are trying to choose the shortest and most effective way. Like the heroes at the crossroads, we take a closer look to a variety of methods of learning English, deciding which way to go.

Main methods of learning English

Methods of studying the English language — something purely individual, and, unfortunately, a universal formula, suitable to all, no. Getting to the choice of method, first of all, you must answer the question: «For what purpose I need the English language?»

Based on the response, choose:

Intensive method

We all want to get what you want faster. Any whim, as they say ….

This method will help you learn the «stable expression» and after 2-3 months, you can more or less understand the interlocutor, and even talk with him, but that’s «sublime,» you will surely be able to talk not. On the other hand, why do we need a «sublime», always hurrying people of the XXI century? Main — no tedious grammar rules, all exactly as in the pharmacy: dates threads necessary phrases. The main thing is not to ask the question «Why?»

The classic method

But if your favorite question is «Why?» — This is your method. You will not only lead «on the threshold» in the unknown world of the English language, carefully holding the arm, but also help him to conquer the summit. The main thing to have patience and 2-3 years in the reserve. You will create a strong grammatical foundation on which will stand firmly two things — the ability to understand it and create it.

The method of immersion

Want to feel like a child — there is nothing easier. The main disadvantage of this method of learning English the frequent absence of the possibility as such, but if it is — it is a gift sent to you from heaven. Do not even hesitate. No rules, no homework — just turn into a rumor and learn, analyze.

Why is the child? And you remember how to learn the native language of your children or nephews. They listened and watched, imitated and constantly practiced, creating the ability to express their own thoughts.

The reward for the hard work will be «live», a modern language, full of fresh neologisms and simply «fashionable» expressions. On the extension of cultural outlook we are not talking dream, and only.

Communicative Method

Unofficial motto of this method of learning English — «No matter what, no matter whether — just tell me!» This method heals one of the main fears of English language learners: «I can not say, but I’m afraid» .Obuchenie through communication necessarily yield results : a maximum of dialogue and monologue speech «untie» your language, but the habit of speaking correctly, alas, will not be yours.

Method 25 of the frame

Masterly own words — is not only a science, there’s something magical, and therefore we can not fail to mention the magical 25th frame.

The essence of this method — the impact on the subconscious. The creators promise that within 60 hours of your vocabulary will increase by 2,000 foreign words.

But let’s not forget that the foreign language — is, above all, the ability to communicate, rather than jagged thousand words.

In conclusion I would like to add that no matter what method of learning English you choose, the main driver to the cherished goal is to work hard without him, as they say, nothing out of the pond and not catch!



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