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Making a presentation in English easily and beautifully

Have you ever made a presentation? If yes, how often do you do the presentation and to whom? If not, when was the last time you saw a presentation? You like it? I think regardless of the answer, you will not mind to improve their skills in this area and, moreover, will be glad to learn what language is better to use, especially if your presentation in English.

Where to begin?

There are four main aspects of a successful presentation. Firstly, it is the text of the presentation, and secondly, it’s working out performances, thirdly, it is the very flow of the presentation material. And finally, fourthly, we must remember about the secrets that will help you become a confident public speaker.

When you spend a presentation, it is important to understand that this process of discussion and dialogue with your audience. Do you have information, facts, analysis, the concept that you want to convey to the listener. That is, at the beginning of the presentation should be clearly defined idea of ​​what will be presented later. You need to grab the attention of listeners. After all, we are all busy, we all have their business, work, children, and so on. So, your job as rapporteur — generate interest in the topic of his presentation. This will help us to visual aids, photos and more. The main thing in your presentation — it’s not you, as a reporter. The main thing — it’s your audience, and then, with what thoughts and feelings they leave the presentation. This is your goal.

And to achieve it, you need to collect all the possible facts, history, statistics and data. The more specific your report is, the higher the efficiency. The main part of the presentation should consist not only of the facts. Try to diversify its small patches of stories to ease the transition from one fact to another.

Rehearsed his speech. Be sure to supply train, try to keep within the allotted time. And after every rehearsal your confidence will grow. Cultivate your style. Someone who likes to entertain the audience, someone gesticulating. During the course of rehearsals find your style in which you are comfortable.

And now to the lexicon

Oral presentation often consists of a less formal vocabulary than in academic writing. Let’s look at the components of the presentation and the most used at the same words and phrases.

Introducing Rapporteur

  1. Let’s welcome Maria Lopez, who is going to talk to us today on the subject of «This year sales overview». (Please welcome Mary Lopez, who today speak to us on the topic «Overview of sales this year.»)
  2. Now let me call on Rita to give / make her presentation. Rita, thank you. (And now let me invite Rita to report. Thank you, Rita.)
  3. I’d like to introduce Dr. Williams, who’s going to address the topic of «Modern trends in psychology». (I would like to introduce Dr. Williams, who drew attention to the topic «Current trends in Psychology»).
  4. OK, thank you everybody. Now, Mrs. Anna Lawson is going to present her analysis to us. (Well, thank you all. And now Mrs. Anna Lawson will present us his analysis.)

Start report

«In this analysis I would like to focus on latest developments in social marketing. I will speak for about 40 minutes, to leave time for questions and comments. Please, feel free to interrupt if you have any questions or want to make a comment. »
«In this analysis, I would like to focus on the latest developments in social marketing. I’ll make a report within about 40 minutes, to leave time for questions and comments. Please feel free to interrupt me if you have any questions or comments. »

«First let me give a short outline of the contemporary situation regarding intellectual property rights. After that I would like to raise a few issues regarding Internet ads. I will try to leave time for questions at the end. »
«First of all, allow me to briefly introduce outlines the current situation in the field of intellectual property rights. After that I would like to discuss a few questions about online advertising. I’ll try to leave some time for questions at the end. »

«I would like to begin by analyzing some recent studies of media strategy. You will be given handouts; also there are some spare copies here if you need them. »
«I’d like to start with an analysis of several studies media strategy. You will receive hendauty ¹; also there are a few extra copies if you need to. »

«In this presentation I will be giving you some understanding of the subject for my dissertation. I will do my best not to go over time and keep to 20 minutes. «
«In this presentation, I will explain the topic of his thesis. I try to make my statement did not exceed 20 minutes. »

¹ abstracts, lectures, handouts listeners.

Some phrases for the middle and end of the report

Hopefully, in the preparation of the presentation you will be the expression below.

Now let’s turn to the problem of corporate social responsibility. And now let’s look at the issue of corporate social responsibility.
Moving on, I would like to look at the questionnaire results in more detail. In continuation, I would like a more detailed look at the results of the survey.
I also want to talk about media strategy, but I’ll come back to that later. I would also like to talk about the media strategy, but will return to this later.
I’d just like to go back to the bar chart on the previous slide. I would like to go back to the previous slide gistotramme.
Anyway, getting back to / to return to the question of inflation, let’s have a look at the Chinese economy. In any case, returning to the issue of inflation, let’s look at the Chinese economy.
The results turned out to be amazing. I feel the research was worthwhile. The results were stunning. I believe that the study was worthwhile.
I will skip the next slide, as time is (running) short. I will miss the next slide, as time is short.
To sum ​​it up, global warming has reached its critical point. That’s all I had to say. Thank you for your attention. In summary, global warming has reached a critical point. That’s all I wanted to say. Thank you for attention.
Well, I will stop here, as I have no time left. At this point I will finish, as time expired.
Are there any questions, comments or suggestions? Please, feel free to ask. Any questions, comments or suggestions? Please ask, do not hesitate.

To understand the clarity

Undoubtedly, for the presentation of quality you need visual aids (visual aids). Of course, it is necessary to know their «face» in English. So, get acquainted: a flip chart (flip chart, attached to a rail), a marker pen (marker), a monitor (Monitor), an OHP (overhead (Overhead Projector)), pointer (Pointer), remote control (remote control), screen (the screen), slide projector (overhead projector), a slide (slide, slide), DVD player, whiteboard (white board (on which they write pens)).

In a demonstration of presentations are often used to informative illustrations. Some of their names can be misleading. Consider them to avoid confusion in the future.

  1. A graph (chart)
    1. a vertical axis (vertical axis)
    2. a horizontal axis (horizontal axis)
    3. a curve (curve)
    4. a dotted line (the dotted line)

  2. A table (Table)
  3. A bar chart (histogram, bar chart)
  4. A pie chart (pie chart)
    1. a shaded area (shaded area)
    2. a segment (segment, sector)

  5. A scatter chart (scatter plot; scatter plot)
    1. a broken line (dotted line, broken line)

  6. A diagram (diagram, diagram)
  7. A pictogram (icon)

And what about the numbers?

It is possible that you will have to call some numbers. Let’s look at the most frequently used options.

a third ½ a half ¾ three quarters two thirds
nought [nɔːt] point O [əu] five
six point two five
fifteen to twenty percent
<90% less than ninety percent
60 x 3
sixty times three
150 — 40
a hundred and fifty minus forty
33 ÷ 3
thirty-three divided by three
a ratio of one to four
five hundred and seventy-five
one thousand and one
sixty-five thousand nine hundred and thirty-five
seven million eight hundred and ninety-six thousand three hundred and twenty-four

Also, in your presentation, you can call the rounded figures. And instead of saying, for example, 48,725%, you can round off this number, saying «about 50%» as follows:

  • about 50%
  • approximately 50%
  • in the region of 50%
  • roughly 50%
  • some 50%

A few words last

And here it has come, this long-awaited moment of the presentation. Try to arrive 15-20 minutes early so you can see a room or hall, which will be held the presentation, check the equipment, if needed. This will help you get acquainted with the situation and to relax a little. For yourself, you can prepare in advance a list of everything you will need to take on the presentation, not to forget something important.

Try to post your presentation left time for questions. For you it is important that you understand. Therefore, it will be interesting to answer questions. If still time left, let us know your email address or phone number to students can contact you if they have any questions.

So, behind the presentation. It’s time for reviews. Many do not like them, as are struggling to cope with criticism. But this — constructive criticism. It will help you become a better speaker.

Encourage and inspire your audience, not only in Russian but also in English. I wish you successful presentations in English.



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