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Make-up and beauty. All you need to know about make-up in English

Dear girls, girls, women! Everyone would like to congratulate you on the coming holiday of spring and beauty — March 8! As a gift from our blog, we decided to make you a fascinating article about the various women’s tricks that we use to create a unique image, of course, in English. Enjoy!

They say that beauty requires sacrifice (beauty knows no pain). More than once I’ve been a «victim» of its own ignorance in cosmetic stores, buying abroad cherished makeup products and not paying attention to some unknown words. So it turns out that the ink could be brown, instead of having a black or water-resistant, instead of the extension. Yeah, with a wide selection of modern cosmetics is not difficult and lost. So you do not become a «victim» of ignorance, I propose to examine the name of the cosmetic products and items.

Parts of the face in English

First, I propose to consider the names of parts of the face:

Now, I suggest to go directly to the make-up. I want to draw attention to the difference between the words of cosmetics and make-up. The concept applies to cosmetics cosmetic products, which are used for face and body, while the make-up is a decorative cosmetics, which people use to look more attractive or change appearance.

Make-up in English

I propose to start with makeup. There are many different means to restore beauty. Let’s look at the major ones, which are used for eye makeup (eyes), mouth (lips), the nails (nails) and the person (face).

NB! Please note that when using the images in this article we do not pursue promotional purposes.

Eye shadow Shadows
Eyeliner Pencil eyeliner
Eyebrow pencil Eyebrow pencil
Brow gel Eyebrow Gel

False lashes effect


Tighten up
With the effect of false eyelashes

False eyelashes False eyelashes
Lipstick Lipstick
Lip gloss Lip gloss
Lip balm Lip balm
Lip pencil Lip liner
Nail lacquer / nail polish Nail polish
Overlacquer Fixer lacquer
Primer Base makeup
Powder Dust
Foundation Makeup base
Concealer Concealer cosmetic
Bronzer Bronzers
Blush Rouge
Shimmer powder Shimmering Powder

Cosmetics English

Let us turn to cosmetic products for skin care (that refers to the concept of cosmetics in English). Among them are the following means:

Moisturizer Moisturizing Face Cream
Serum Serum
Face wash Wash for the face
Face bar Soap Face
Cream (face or hand) Cream (for face, hands)
Make-up remover Makeup remover
Exfoliator Exfoliator
Self-tanner Tanning

Tools for applying make-up in English

Now let’s see what tools are used for applying makeup:

  1. Lip brush (for even coverage) — brush for even application of lipstick.
  2. Foundation brush — a brush for applying foundation makeup.
  3. Eye shadow brush — brush for shadows.
  4. Blush brush — a brush for blush.
  5. Eyeliner brush — brush for eyeliner.
  6. Foundation sponge — sponge for tonal framework.
  7. Eyelash curler — tweezers for twisting eyelashes.
  8. Tweezers — Tweezers.

Make-up vocabulary lesson. Video

I now propose to see the video, which will help consolidate the reading material. By the video attached text, but first try to watch this video without looking at the text to check which of the words mentioned above, you have memorized.


↓ Download video transcript (* .pdf, 234 KB)

Useful vocabulary

Useful Words that appear in this video:


  1. Bathroom drawer — cabinet in the bathroom.
  2. Makeup bag / makeup sase — cosmetic.
  3. Cotton pad — a cotton pad.
  4. Cotton ball — a cotton swab.
  5. Cotton puff — a cotton sponge.
  6. Q-tips — cotton swabs.
  7. Washcloth — washcloth.
  8. Cleansing wipes for makeup removal — wipes for removing makeup.
  9. Base perfector — a means of improving the appearance of the substrate.
  10. Pores — pores.
  11. Fine line — small and fine lines.
  12. Complexion — complexion.
  13. Jawline — jawline.
  14. Skin tone — color.
  15. Dark spots — dark spots.
  16. Under-eye circles — circles under the eyes.
  17. Acne — acne.
  18. Pressed powder — compact powder.
  19. Loose powder — loose powder.
  20. Compact — a powder box (box with powder, a mirror and a sponge).
  21. Powder puff — puff-puffs.
  22. Blotting paper — blotting paper.
  23. Eyelid — eyelid eyes.
  24. Crease — crease.
  25. Tear duct — tear tubule.
  26. Palette — Palette with multiple colors of shadows.
  27. Pencil sharpener — Pencil Sharpener.
  28. Coat — layer.
  29. Cupid’s bow — Cupid’s bow lip.
  30. Verbs

  31. To wear a makeup — use cosmetics.
  32. To put a makeup — make-up.
  33. To take a makeup off — to remove makeup.
  34. To avoid — avoid.
  35. To apply — apply.
  36. To blend in — mix, dissolve.
  37. To cake on — to harden on the face.
  38. To even out — align.
  39. To cover up — to conceal, disguise.
  40. To dab — apply a light touch.
  41. To tone down — to give tone.
  42. To blot — promakivat.
  43. To highlight — emphasis.
  44. To pluck — pull out.
  45. To coat — cover.
  46. To clump — bonded.
  47. Adjectives

  48. Flawless — perfect.
  49. Liquid — liquid.
  50. Complementary — optional.
  51. Phrases

  52. To come in different shapes and sizes — available in different shapes and sizes.
  53. To look as flawless and natural as possible — look as flawless and natural as possible.
  54. It gives your eyes more definition — it makes the eyes more expressive.

You can download the full list of words and phrases, presented in the article.

In order to easier and faster to remember vocabulary, I advise you to watch video tutorials on applying makeup and skin care products (makeup tutorials).

The English say that beauty is a fading flower (the beauty is not eternal). I beg to disagree with this statement. There is another statement that beauty is in the eye of the beholder (everyone has their own idea of beauty), so nothing prevents you from being a beauty queen (beauty queen) every day!

I suggest that you perform a test to see how well you have learned the words and phrases on the topic:



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