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Lyrics in English

I began to learn English at the age of ten years, but, of course, to take it seriously I was only ninth in class. It was then that I realized that I really like English, curious his home country of England, and all that is connected with it. Devoting English first few years, I have noticed for a such a feature. I further could not calm and relaxed listening to English-language music, enjoying the smoothness of melodies and tones. From now on, all the songs sung in English, began to have practical value for me. This «side effect» of language learning, and very helpful, stayed with me now. Well I can not just listen to music in English. I want it or not, I almost always listen to the text of each composition, listened to the words of each song, to be aware of what they sing.

By the way, in this area at the time I was waiting not so little discoveries. For me it was surprising to find that the lyrics in English, you can insert not very pleasant or rude word. I did not expect that in the lyrics in English there are so many cuts and song choices of different words that in normal speech you do not tell, but the song is obliged to learn not to lose the thread of meaning. I had no idea that you can quickly pronounce the English words in some musical compositions. The only thing that I remember forever — almost 100% of the slow songs are love songs …

Why the lyrics in English?

And why do we need English-language songs, well, except of course aesthetic pleasure? Why would include a study of the songs in English directly to the learning process? What good are they? I will not repeat myself and say that a good level of English will help you understand what is said in various compositions. But really want to know what the singer sings a favorite? If you are not interested in the meaning of the songs you do not try to read the lyrics in English, would not refuse such an interesting variant of English, as the translation of the songs from the English language.

How can I learn English on the lyrics in English? Basically, putting a little effort, and armed with a desire to find out who, what and where to sing. Do you have a favorite artist? Here’s start with his or her songs. Because then you will have a good motivation. Try to listen to the selected song several times and try to understand something. Well, if you’re only on the basis of what he heard will be able to catch the thoughts of the performer. If not, do not worry. Now find the lyrics of any song in the English language is not a problem. Internet can help you. There are plenty of resources with lyrics in English, which you can take material to study. For example:,, Very interesting site, which shows not only the lyrics are in English and their translation into Russian. By the way, this resource translates as songs from French and German languages. I like the resources that are placed not only the lyrics in English and their translations, and dismantle the song as a lesson, focusing on vocabulary, difficult expressions, slang, phrasal verbs in English, etc. After each song, you can even do the exercise in the refinement of the studied material. All this you can find on the site

That’s what I would advise to learn English through songs. Namely, after listening to the songs several times to read the text. Let us dwell on obscure points, to analyze the nuances of grammar, learn the translation of unfamiliar words or idiomatic expressions. And only when you will understand this song everything, listen to it again, paying attention to what, with what rhythm and intonation are pronounced in her words and how well the very pronunciation. Believe me, the combination of music, rhythm and verbal clearance of songs in English will contribute to the rapid memorization of the text. Even years later you’ll remember about this song, but then remember for a long time, if not forever, its lexical, grammatical and stylistic material.

Studying the lyrics in English, listening to these songs, you will not only enrich your active and passive vocabulary, repeat the theoretical knowledge of grammar, but also to work out the necessary pronunciation, reduce emphasis. Only songs, of course, need to take a beautiful literate in English, not rap compositions, which often do not capture the sense of themselves native speakers. And the language barrier does not seem to be your «catastrophic» obstacle in the development of the English language. Listen to music, learn the lyrics in English and improve your skills!



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