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«Look Up». Sensational Video technical progress

On the one hand, it is unfair to consider evil things such as social networks and high tech. Take, for learning English. You certainly can confirm that technological progress has made the process much more fun. A social network? From my own experience I know that they are well come to the rescue when you have a long time to be away from family and friends. Moreover, with their help, too, can learn English. Take, for our group VKontakte and Facebook.

On the other hand, endless gloat posts and gloatgrams (posts or photos, designed to bring on an attack of envy from your friends, from English to gloat — gloat triumph). Share this photo, share this link, share your thoughts. What is this? Happiness is only real when shared, is not it? Only a man who is credited with these words meant something else. The author quotes an American traveler Shristopher McCandless, died alone. We do not run the risk if we lose something important, spending more and more time online?

«Look Up» by Gary Turk

More recently, an unknown Gary Turk believes that the very risk. A few months ago, this young man has published a mini-movie called «Look Up» (Gary is a director and author of the poem, which he had read in the video). Quite quickly acquired the status of video «viral», it really spread with the speed of the virus. At the moment, it was viewed more than 40 million people. Criticizing the social networks, video got huge popularity because of them. Many have considered this fact a proof of insincerity lunges toward age of technology. One way or another, «Look Up» («Lift up your eyes») has received mixed reviews. No wonder the British Independent newspaper in the preface to the article about the video wrote the following: «Hypocritical and overdramatised» or «beautiful and emotional» — decide for yourself («hypocritical and replay» or «beautiful and peace» — you decide). Nothing to add. Look.

Illusion / delusion Illusion / deception; misrepresentation

Sense of inclusion


A sense of belonging

Community Community; people living together
Companionship Companionship
Self-promotion Camoreklama (self- prefix means that the action is directed at himself, often can be translated as «self»
Best bits The best
Adulation Adulation; flattery
Commuter train Suburban train; train
Swings Swing
Skipping Jumping rope
Hopscotch «Classic» (children’s IRA)
Church Child’s play
Steeple Child’s play
Surroudings Wednesday; surroundings
Existence Life; being; existence
Hype (used to show disapproval) Annoying ads (disparagingly)
Distraction What distracts attention; distractions
To take a step back Take a step back
To shut Close, slam (the door)
To awake Wake up; awake from sleep
To edit Edit
To exaggerate Exaggerate
To crave Crave something crave
To pretend Pretend
To emphasize Emphasize; emphasize
To stare Stare
To co-exist Coexist (prefix denotes mutual co- operation, for example, co-direct — co-lead)
To engage (with one another) Come into contact with each other
To roam on a bike Worn on the bike
To graze up Scratch
To overtake Unleashes; catch unawares
To flee (here) flies
To take in Notice anything
To give in Give up; agree
To define Identify

Grammar Tip

Pay attention to this line of verse:

When I was a child I’d never be home
I’d be out with my friends, on our bikes we’d roam.

In this case, reducing ‘d means would. I.e:

When I was a child I would never be home
I would be out with my friends, on our bikes we would roam.

Why is used would, in fact talking about the past? The fact that would may be used, when we speak of repeated actions in the past, t. E. About past habits. Transfer can be something like this:

As a child I never sat at home all worn with friends is great.

NB! To what extent would like used to, but there is a significant difference. Would applied only to repetitive actions, while used to and to act, and to states that belong to the past. Therefore:

I would always go to the park on Sundays, when I was a child.
I used to be very busy when I studied at university.

Greedy Avaricious
Glistening Shining
Reserved Closed; uncommunicative; taciturn
Insane Mad
Unsocial Closed; antisocial
Dumb Silly
Finite Limited; has a limit
Guilty Guilty
Digital Numeric
I have 422 friends yet I am lonely.


I have 422 other, and yet I’m lonely.

Yet; Besides

This media we call social is anything but (social).

Anything but

These media can be termed as anything but social.

Anything, but not

We’re at our most happy with an experience we share. The greatest happiness for us — it shares his impressions (experiences).
If a group message will do. If the message is sufficient.
To put one’s time to a good use. Use the time to good use.
Can not stand to hear the silence. (colloquially are increasingly found after the infinitive can not stand)

Can not stand verb + ing

I can not stand to hear the silence.

Do not make

To wear holes in one’s trainers. Before holes zanashivat sneakers.
It gives me a chill. I have this creeps.
To make the most of smth. Use the best.
Just one real connection is all it can take to show you the difference that being there can make.

It is all it can take to

One acquaintance now — that’s all you need to show that it can change your presence.

All you need to

To love someone to bits. To love someone very much.

«Look Down»

After the spread of video responses were stinging parody. «Why sell your computer so you can buy a ring, if you can USE your computer TO buy a ring?» — Asks the author of one of them, and that it is difficult to disagree.

First interview with Gary Turk

Yes, and Gary Turk, in his first interview with the BBC admitted that he did not refuse completely from social media, but now there he was having a hard time: «The minute I tweet, someone’s gonna [say]: look he is tweeting! What is he doing on social media? «. In general, the interview turned out quite interesting:

At the end I would like to add that the answer to all the controversy about the place of technology in our lives consists of two words «healthy balance». What do you and wish! 🙂



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