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Light English

This article is the second of a series of articles devoted to the words and phrases that describe any of our life. Knowledge of a sufficient number of synonyms will only benefit. After all, you can always detailed to convey what you feel, hear or see. In this article we will talk about the world in English. Say, is not enough to be able to express that it is dark outside. You can also transfer the degree of occurrence of the evening — the twilight, night, late at night. Instead, the phrase «stars in the sky,» You can tell how the sky looks — stars twinkle and shine, just blind? The difference is significant. It is in this, and we’ll investigate.

Light English

Of course, we should start with the most important thing — the word «light.» In English — is light. Absolutely the same shape and have the verb «to shine, to illuminate» — to light. But do not forget that this is the wrong verb, and, consequently, its shape time Past Simple and Past Participle Participle II need to memorize: light — lit — lit.

Light can be of different types:

  • Rays of light — the light rays (the sun).
  • Beam of light — the light beam, a beam of light (flashlight).
  • Flash of light — a flash of light (from the camera).
  • Twinkle — twinkle (stars) shine.
  • Flicker — flickering light, a glimpse of (candle flame in the wind).
  • Glow — glow, the light (sunset, distant fire), glow, high fever (adjusted to the white-hot coal).
  • Sparkle — sparkle, glimmer, glistening, sparkling (wine), gloss (rhinestone).
  • Glitter — Glitter (stars and jewels) and sparkling.
  • Dazzle — glare, blinding light.
  • Glare — glare, harsh light (sun); glare, glow.

When we speak of sunlight, using the wrong verb to shine (shone — shone) — the sun is shining: The sun shines. Speaking of the beam or a flash of light, we use the verb to give (out): A torch gives out a beam of light. A camera gives a flash of light (flashlight, the camera provides just such a light). But shine a flashlight — to shine the torch (to shine a flashlight on). All other listed nouns — twinkle, flicker, glow, sparkle, glitter, dazzle, glare — in the same form used as a verb:

Her eyes twinkled with amusement. — Her eyes twinkled merrily.

A candle was flickering in the inner room. — In the inner room of flickering candles.

Embers glowed in the furnace. — The last embers were heated red-hot in the furnace.

The tables sparkled with silver and crystal. — Tables sparkled with silver and crystal.

All is not gold that glitters. — All is not gold that glitters.

The sun dazzles the eyes. — The sun blinding.

The tropic sun glared down all day. — Tropical sun beating down all day.

Antipode of light in the English language is darkness darkness. What words can you find in the description of the dark conditions?

  • Gloomy — dark, dark (gloomy sky — dark sky).
  • Dim — dim (dim light — dim light).
  • Sombre — dark, gloomy, dreary (sombre room — a dark room).
  • Gray — Shadow (gray light — Shadow Light).

Memorize synonyms, try to say nice and interesting, make your speech rich! And this article will help you in the series «The vocabulary of the English language.»



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