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Letter of Request in English

In English, there are several types of business letters (business letters). They include a cover letter (Covering Letter), a letter of thanks (Thank-You Letter), a letter of offer (Offer), a letter of inquiry (Letter of Order), a letter to confirm the order (Letter of Acknowledgement / Confirmation), a letter to reject the order (Refusal of Orders), a letter of reminder on payment (Reminder Letter), a letter of complaint (Letter of Complaint / Claim Letter), and others.

In this article we will talk about how to write a letter of inquiry in English (Inquiry / Enquiry Letter). By this letter, we appeal in the case, if we want to get more accurate information about any goods (goods); find out if they are in stock in a particular company (availability of goods). A letter of inquiry sent in English, if the company wants to clarify the time and date of delivery of production (delivery dates); read the terms of delivery (terms), discounts (discounts), delivery methods, etc. The cost of a commodity (prices of goods), as well as the list of products in the catalog (catalogue), can also be found using the letters of request in English.

How to write a letter of inquiry in English

First of all, try to get your letter was brief, concise, but at the same time setting out precisely the essence of the request. So you can help us, which is accessed more quickly respond to your request. Certainly, in the beginning of the letter should be submitted to the name and address of your company, and then the name of the company to which you send your letter of inquiry in English. This is followed by a formal appeal. Usually it Dear Sir (s) or Dear Madam.

The backbone of the inquiry letter in English may be as follows:

  1. Compulsory indication of the source from which you learned about a particular product and the company to which you are applying.
  2. Then a summary of your requests for information about a particular product.
  3. If there is a question of substance.
  4. Some information about your company, the offer of cooperation.
  5. Signature.

Follow this sequence is not necessary but desirable. Usually a letter of inquiry in English is printed on the letterhead of your company showing all her contact information.

What you need to know to write a letter of request in English?

First you need to properly execute business address in English. Also, you will need certain clichés and expressions that are used in the letter of request in English. They will help you to sound properly. In the description of the source of information (item 1) you can use the following phrases:

We noticed an advertisement describing … — We saw the ads (ads), which says …

With reference to your advertisement in … — about your advertising in …

Regarding your order in … — Regarding your advertisement in …

You were recommended to us by … — you recommended …

We have heard of your products from … — We know about your company’s products and …

When you ask for information about the product, please note the following expression:

We suggest that you send us your catalogue and price lists … — Please send your catalogs and price lists …

We would like you to advise us of discounts and delivery time … — Please inform us about the reductions and the timing of deliveries …

Could you give us some information (details) about … — Could you provide us with information about …

We are particularly interested in … — We are particularly interested in …

Please, send us samples of … — Please send us samples of …

We would like to represent your products … — We would like to represent your products …

Tell us briefly about your company’s activities to help these clichés here:

As distributors we have a large network of … — As a distributor, we have an extensive network …

We are regular buyers … — We specialize in buying …

We are in the market for … — We intend to buy …

Our company is subsidiary of … — Our company is a branch …

We specialize in … — We specialize in …

Complete the inquiry letter in English better than polite phrase:

We look forward to your early reply. — We look forward to your reply.

Thanking in advance for your help. — Thank you in advance for your help.

An example of a letter of request in English

Baisy Clifford

3400 Chelsey Road

Quantico, FU 78451

Stenley Brothers

6539 71th Street

Los Angeles, LA 84733

27 th January, 2005

Dear Sir,

We have seen your advertisement in the Business Weekly Journal, and we shall appreciate it if you will send us more detailed description of your cameras. We should also like to know the discounts that you provide.

Our company specializes in distributing cameras in Italy. For your information we may add that our company was established five years ago. If your goods meet our requirements, and we receive a favourable offer, we will be able to represent your cameras in Eatsern Europe.

We are looking forward to your reply.

Yours faithfully,


Export-Import Manager



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