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Learning to read in English

Learning any foreign language, we start with the alphabet. First, become familiar with letters and their sounds, then gradually try to pronounce these letters in a complex, smooth transition to the rules of reading these combinations. High-grade reading — that’s our goal. The written clearance of words offer us a visual support material under study. And conquer this kind of activity, we realize now that we have access to all facets of the language, because through reading we retrieve all the necessary information from the text. A With this information, we can learn anything you want.

Reading in any language, not only foreign but also native, developing our thinking, because we subconsciously remember how people communicate and behave in certain situations. We opened the door to all areas of knowledge. We are able to learn all about what interests us. A fairly high level of literacy to read people — it is a well-known fact! Reading in English is almost fluent in the language helps, promotes the study of the culture of the language, helps our self-education. Just imagine! You become accessible works of foreign authors. Do you know all the news in English, which is not yet to be converted. You get to know people with any knowledge that would remain so unknown to you, if it were not able to read about them.

How to start learning to read in English?

Learning to read in English means the development of this type of activity from the very beginning. A good basis for productive reading is excellent knowledge of all the letters with sounds, combinations of these sounds in different combinations. To master this material, you need to carefully explain or analyze the rules of reading. Very conveniently, when they are categorized and depicted in a table with the pronunciation of a sound and its variations.

Learning to read in English is not possible without the accumulation of vocabulary in the passive vocabulary. Of course, the more words we know, the clearer we read and the competent we say the proposals. Certainly, it is necessary to start reading immediately after the development of the alphabet, but also about remembering new words should not be forgotten.

By the way, in the process will be very useful knowledge to deal with word formation in English, and its methods. If you are familiar with suffixes and prefixing, conversion and compounding, you will be much easier to learn new words. Knowing the meaning of the word in any part of the speech, you can easily understand the meaning of words derived from it. For example: polite — polite, impolite — rude, politeness — courtesy.

At first, the teaching of reading in English should take place only with a clear demonstration of the correct version of the process. In other words, it should be possible to listen to an audio recording of the proposed text created by a native speaker. Pay attention to pronunciation, intonation, pauses, rhythm of speech. You can choose to listen to this passage several times. As an alternative approach a competent teacher reading the text as an example. If this is a lesson, you can listen to an entire class entirely and determine who best cope with the task. And, of course, in the process of learning to read need to listen to each student to check his ability to this kind of activity.

Learning to read the English language also involves understanding what is at stake in the text. To expand the horizons recommended reading texts of different genres and styles. In this case, and the lexical material was worthy improvement. On how deeply and thoroughly understand the material it depends on whether people read it, use it in other areas of their lives. To assess the degree of assimilation read, you can try to pick up the text of the title of a few words, but reflect well the meaning of reading.

Even if you learn English on skype or engaged with the tutor in person, learning to read in English is impossible without independent work. Read should be possible as often as time permits. Take any literature can be, only that it was to your liking. First, we have to constantly rummage in the dictionary in search of unfamiliar words. But with time, you will learn how to capture the basic meaning of the text, without taking the individual words. And sometimes it is not required.

The process of learning to read in English is quite complex and requires not only knowledge, but the desire and perseverance. It is impossible to achieve the desired result one way, grasp the other. Just do not throw to do it halfway.



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