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Learning English vocabulary

Possession of any foreign language is its use of competent in all areas of our lives. To the right, a quick, interesting to converse in English, you must know what to say, what to say and how to speak. The decision of the question «what to say» should be your desire to grow and improve themselves, because only in this case, you will be able to maintain a conversation on any topic, express their opinion on a particular issue, and maybe tell her some valuable experience.

Decision of the issue of «how to say» must deal with the grammar of the English language, which should be given a lot of attention, if you want to not make mistakes in every sentence. But on the deciding «what to say» we now talk as it is directly linked to your vocabulary. Of course, the more words you know, the more confident you feel. But what if the lexicon of English language training is given to you it is not so easy? What are the ways to expand their active and passive vocabulary? How much time should be given to the process of learning the vocabulary of the English language? Let’s see.

Methods of teaching English vocabulary

What is the teaching of English vocabulary? It is a specific process of expanding vocabulary, which involves three stages: the introduction of a new word, the practice of its use in similar situations, and finally, the possibility of its use in all areas. In other words, it is necessary not just to see the new lexical units (words) and illustrate its importance in similar examples, and not only that then, if necessary, the word is automatically popped into your mind.

The question of learning the vocabulary of the English language is highly relevant, since so far not found at least one complete way of learning new words that would suit everyone and guarantee a perfect result. As a rule, options how to learn new words more, just have a liking for you and your mind, you can understand by experience. I would like to focus on some methods that have been in my practice, and which I prefer.

As an English teacher, I tried every possible way to diversify their lessons at school. And given the fact that I do not teach children, and 15-year-olds, it becomes clear all my aspirations inspire their English. A new vocabulary to be studied, were not so small. So I resorted to all available means and materials related to the teaching of English vocabulary.

First of all, I rescued a variety of ready-made materials for teachers, which can be easily found on the Web sites for teachers. I’m talking about the English crossword puzzles with the responses, anagrams, lotto in pictures, game exercises. A large number of handouts I created myself and have been successfully applied in the classroom. For example, themed crosswords on «Food», compiled the recipes in English with missing ingredients puzzles on the same topic. It rescued the plot-role-playing games. In this case — to play a hike to the grocery store, depict dinner at a restaurant, etc. In these activities the students not only learn a new language, but also to apply it in everyday speech, that is the final stage of the process.

In the process of learning the vocabulary of the English language, I asked the students to come up with new words short stories that would clearly illustrate the value of words and at the same time permanently etched in their memory. In fact the most «unproductive» activity — is to teach the bare words from the dictionary of the English language, without relying on context. I do not think it’s a way of learning the vocabulary of the English language, because the head is almost nothing left, as words are not linked, within the meaning to any area. It is unlikely that you will remember them when you need to announce something. The words should be taught, just playing with their meaning, or clearly demonstrating his. This could be an offer, small text, even drawing. That’s why a popular illustrated dictionaries or dictionaries in pictures. Still, should pay tribute to the visual memory.

In general, when learning the vocabulary of the English language is to focus on motor memory, prescribing a new word, and not typing them on the computer, as we all have become accustomed. In this way, easier to achieve orthographically correct written form of the word. In the lexicon of English language learning computer it is also very useful, because there are many programs aimed at consolidating your memory of new words. For example, «Learn the English words in the format of MP3» or «Dictionary simulator for 5000 words.»

Mastering the English language, learning new words should be kept. Even engaging in a course or learning English by Skype, you need to work on their own. It is desirable every day. Do not pursue quantity, and stores them qualitatively. And try first of all to emphasize the frequency words of English, and not on specific terms or concepts rarely used. For example, instead of «contemplate» it is possible to begin to learn to «see.» Of course, the first word has its shade of expression, and this vocabulary needed for passive vocabulary. But her need to remember, having a decent base of the main lexical material.
Way of learning the vocabulary of the English language is enough, so the choice is yours.



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