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Learning English individually

Each person is different, and each of us possesses certain features inherent only to him. Consider these individual characteristics in the process of learning English is a must. The group under the individual approach to each student is almost impossible. But in the study of the English language alone, one on one with a teacher, teach you English through Skype or the online study at home with a tutor, to implement such an approach is quite simple.

The benefits of learning English individually

Getting to the study of the English language alone, you, first of all, you can choose a teacher with whom to engage. This can be a Russian-speaking teacher, and native speakers. In addition, you determine a convenient time employment, the number and intensity, which is not always possible when playing in groups. Individually controlled studies require fewer hours to achieve the desired learning outcomes, providing their intensity. Note teacher 100% owned by a student, you get answers to questions that at employment in the group may not have enough time.

Learning English will help in overcoming the individual language barrier for people who have difficulty in communicating, engaging in the group, for fear of making a mistake. In addition, the student does not feel discomfort, comparing their knowledge with the knowledge of the other students, English-a bit better.

Individual learning English as much as possible consistent with the goals and objectives of students, you learn exactly the material that is necessary to you, and do not waste time listening to you unnecessary information, such as for group training. The main disadvantage of this approach, in my opinion, is the lack of a broad range of participants in the communication process. For a more effective teaching of perception of foreign speech at the hearing is necessary to hear people with different rate of speech, accent. For further communication in a foreign language requires meeting not only with native speakers.

And yet, learning English individual realizes account the individual characteristics of perception, personal wishes of students, in-depth study of any particular aspects of the language, the individual selection of educational materials. All this allows us to name individual learning English one of the most effective forms of learning.



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