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Learning English grammar

In most cases, the grammar of the English language becomes a stumbling block in the process of learning. Its not like everything. It does not single out one of the lighter aspects of the language. It discourages deal with language. Why so? After learning English grammar it is not optional. This is the foundation on which rests and literate in English. What prevents us to treat it with enthusiasm?

What is the English grammar?

Grammar of the English language, like any other, has been studying the structure and change of words, phrases kinds and types of proposals. In other words, it is a certain set of rules and regulations, which are used in the construction of literate speech. With the help of theoretical knowledge we master the grammar structure of the language and form a proper construction of the speech skills. Someone thinks that grammar is not complicated and does not cause any inconvenience. Why is training for the rest of English grammar is given with so much difficulty? As I see it, the fact that the word «grammar» we immediately imagine a list of boring, boring, uninteresting rules to cram so at least something to remember. Ten years ago it was. Nowadays, however, with a large range of training material English grammar can make fascinating cognitive processes.

I would like to emphasize that today many prefer to say that the grammar is not needed at all. One has only to enrich your vocabulary, get into the language environment — voila, it’s done! Do you speak English. Yes, you talk, the only question is — at what level? This principle is based English language practice with native speakers. Its main aim is the removal of the language barrier, that is, the fear of speaking in English. Errors in speech are not important. The main thing — talking as much as possible and you will understand. But having in your arsenal of a large number of words and a complete lack of knowledge about how to use them together, after all, would force you to take learning English grammar. That’s why I advise you not to contact the media, until you get the basic foundation of grammar. But there is no need to go too far. As with grammar, you need to practice and other skills: reading, writing, speaking, listening. All of this should go to the complex — but in this case, you will achieve the desired effect.

What should be learning English grammar?

First of all, we should remember that the English language — it’s not your own, to which you are so accustomed to, and that you are using to communicate, almost without thinking about the theory. Foreign language requires respect and understanding that it may differ from yours. While teaching English grammar problems with the comprehension of a phenomenon, for example, an article or a large number of times. And here it is not necessary here to include logic and try to compare all this with the Russian language. Try only to understand and accept those rules, particularly as the English language. So you will not do much harm to your nervous system and will not be treated with disgust to the grammar. Never attempt to study more complex material, if not confident that his foundation «is strong». Only a solid knowledge of the basics will help you to relatively easily perceive things more complicated. And most importantly, in my opinion — is, above all, the incarnation, and then working out master the theoretical information.

It is best to remember the theory presented using visual aids and benefits. It can be diagrams, tables, drawings, models, presentations, that is all that allows you to visually show the meaning of this rule. This goal, for example, serves as a resource, which explains the English language with the help of pictures and flash-toons. Of interesting books «Picture Grammar for Children» by David Vale. And you can still carry out training English grammar through songs, as suggested by Mark Hancock in his book «Teaching Grammar through songs». The main thing is never to teach the grammar of «bare» the examples are completely separated from everyday situations. Everything that you learn to study or give anyone should be presented in the context of a real conversation.

And, of course, the most useful part of learning English grammar is a theory of practice to activate the grammatical material and language development. Let it be not only exercises (in large numbers), but also a variety of games, dialogues, competition. And for all of these ideas can be gleaned from the books of Peter Watcyn-Jones titled «Grammar Games and Activities» and «More Grammar Games and Activities».

Make learning English grammar interesting, and you will no longer see it as «something repulsive.»



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