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Any free training is shareware, as still require you to certain financial costs, although not significant. Resources providing similar services, not many, but we will consider not only them, but also several other ways to teach English for free.

How is learning English for free

Unfortunately or fortunately, but altruists in our time there, and if there is, not all of them know. So the question of teaching English for free for the most part can only help the global network. Here you will find everything you need to learn English in all four aspects.

Reading. On many sites you can download for free the most diverse literature from reference materials to the works of the English language. With the search for new values, unfamiliar words will help English dictionary online.

Letter. Constant participation in various English-speaking forums and chat rooms to hone your writing, you will find new companions, who in the process of communication will help you learn the English language spoken free. You will learn a lot of new live locutions of spoken English, which has certainly not in the dictionary. In addition, it is a great opportunity to find out how people live today, their relation to world events; it is possible to obtain information that is not distorted by political censorship.

Listening. Teaching listening comprehension can be achieved with the help of audio books, movies, songs in English. Radio and television — it is also an excellent chance to get acquainted with the different variants of the English language.

Speaking. English language training comes free when communicating with native speakers online. When using, for example, the program Skype you can chat with people from all over the English-speaking country quite freely. For many, this way of practice the language — the most appropriate, since they live in contact feel uncomfortable. By the way, you can learn English by Skype with a teacher, this method is not free, but it is most effective.

On the following websites you can find information in English and if you want to download it for free. — Download 48 programs for learning English — English for Beginners — English Lessons online



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