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Language Exchange

World — a huge, and contains in itself the infinite variety of human worlds. Modern technologies provide us with an excellent opportunity to explore these worlds, combining a pleasant (new people) with a useful (the opportunity to practice the English language). One possibility is a language exchange — method of learning foreign languages, which is based on mutual language practice partners students who speak different languages. Sometimes, language exchange is called tandem language learning.

It is no secret that in order to learn to speak in English, you need a lot of practice. That is why the language exchange is such an effective way of language learning. Indeed, in contrast to the dialogue in the classroom with other students, where time is short and knowledge partners often leave much to be desired, there is the opportunity to meet and talk with native speakers of almost any English-speaking country.

And the conversation is not formal, but with the use of slang expressions and those which are peculiar to native speakers. They allow you to immerse yourself in another cultural environment, with its features, a sense of humor and values. Since both partners are interested in what is happening and want to learn more about each other, learning the language turns into a fruitful and fun game.

Usually the conversation occurs in accordance with the principle of the half-and-half idea, in order to provide the opportunity to practice each partner.

Types of language exchange include:

  • Voice chat — conversation with Skype or a similar program.
  • Text chat — instant messaging short messages.
  • Pen pal — correspondence by e-mail, assuming honing writing skills.

There are many sites that offer the possibility of language exchange. One of the oldest and most visited (over 1 million members from over 133 countries, practicing 115 languages) is

The ability to view the profiles of potential partners and send them greetings — free of charge. To send messages, you need the status of gold member, which costs about $ 6 a month.

To language exchange was fruitful and rich, it is desirable to have a language level not lower than Intermediate. The more — the more interesting, respectively. You also need to be prepared not only to learn but also to teach — their mother tongue.

Through this site, I met a very different people. Among them, an Indian Big Bear from the US who used to live on the reservation, and is now working truck driver, Buddhist Sarah from Scotland, Vietnamese Van Nga, who lives in Boston, teaches English to refugees and other wonderful people. By the way, is not native speakers may also know the language perfectly. An example is my friend Emil from Bulgaria who lives in Dusseldorf and speaks wonderful English.

And another tip for those who decide to visit this site. If we consider the person on the other side of the monitor is not just as a tool for language learning, and as an individual, unique and unrepeatable, self learning becomes a pleasure.

Couch Surfing

Another resource is the website without interest

If you are an avid traveler, and you beckon distant countries, look here, you’ll find a lot of interesting. More than 1 million people from 230 countries have registered on this site in order to travel around the world and share their hospitality.

If you are going to travel and are looking for a place to stay, do not rush to book a room at the hotel. Couch Surfing gives you the opportunity to find accommodation and good company. Just click surf (go traveling), select the city you are interested, and the site will give you information about the people who are ready to shelter you for free, or to show the city and spend time together.

If you want to act as host, then this opportunity is also provided. Press host — (invite travelers), tell about themselves and their home, and wait for the guests.

In Europe, this kind of travel is very common. It is based on mutual trust and the desire to discover new horizons, make new friends and love to travel. I know people who have thus traveled a dozen countries.

Naturally, to contact you will need all your Charisma + English. If you want to get an answer to his letter, take the trouble to make it competently and to interest a potential host.

Pen Pals

Well, in conclusion, I would like to write a couple of lines of this old proven methods of communication, like pen pals. With him, in fact, it all began. And, despite the expansion of the range of possibilities, it is a good way to language practice. Fortunately, resources abound. The main thing — to choose interesting and desirable to train a competent interlocutor and writing letters and reading his letters.

Good free resources for pen pals:


Good luck to you in communication! And remember: «Practice makes perfect». 🙂



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