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International TOEFL exam

In previous articles, we have considered international exams that test knowledge of classic British English. These include the Cambridge exams, which develops and adopts subdivision ESOL Examinations Board of the University of Cambridge. Examinations in this group are evaluated by a certificate which confirms the life of your knowledge of a foreign language. Cambridge exams are very popular all over the world, but they are not the only ones.

Among the most famous international exams in English it should be noted TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) — Test of English for those who are non-native speakers. Developed by Princeton University (New Jersey, USA), this test is not so cheap. Its price ranges from $ 150 to $ 225. But despite this, the international TOEFL exam is very popular because of the creation in 1964 it has passed more than 20 000 people. What is the reason for the international fame of this test?

Who and why we need an international exam TOEFL?

The secret is that you just vital international exam results TOEFL, if you are going to study abroad, namely in the colleges and universities of the USA, Canada and other English-speaking countries. The certificate with the number of points is a prerequisite for admission to more than 7.5 million educational institutions worldwide. In addition, many companies also require a certificate of this international exam. Do not pass it you can not: in any case, as with any test, you collect a certain number of points according to the level of your knowledge and skills. But will it be sufficient for admission to the school or in employment — this is the second question. As a rule, you are aware how many points you need to type. This usually 80-120 points of 120 possible.

A feature of the international TOEFL exam is to check is American English, so you need a good understanding of its features and differences from British English. This test certificate is valid for two years, but some universities or companies may require more recent results, for example, in the exam during the last six months. By the way, take an international exam can often, but not more than once a week, if you have the opportunity. And take it 30-40 times a year, so do not even received the required number of points from the first time, there is no need to get upset. Occasionally, some successfully pass this test, and the third and fourth time. The only question in finance, as not everyone can afford even re resit.

What is the plan of action for taking international exams TOEFL?

The structure of the dough is not so simple, so it is necessary to understand it thoroughly. Moreover, this international exam is limited in time and, therefore, requires careful preparation. On the structure of the test will be discussed below, it is now just note that success in the TOEFL in 90% of cases is possible only after a certain training course that will help you cope with the proposed assignment. Yes, and practice on the trial version of this examination will contribute. Courses dedicated to the preparation for the TOEFL, very much worth a look at the many offers on the Internet. Choose what suits you.

The next step is to check to pass international exams TOEFL. Details of the registration process can be found on the official website of TOEFL — You can create an account in several ways:

  • fill in the registration form on the official website, transfer to the ETS (the organization, the head of this test) required amount with a credit card and print out a registration confirmation with your ID number, the date and time of testing).
  • call the Regional Registration Center in the Netherlands, to pay for the exam. You call the registration number, date and time of the test center address.
  • do the same operations only via mail.

What is the structure of the international exam TOEFL?

When creating original TOEFL exam there are two options: paper (paper-based test — PBT), a computer (computer-based test — CBT). New — Online version (internet-based test — (i) IBT) — was introduced in 2005 in the United States and Canada, and in 2006 in other countries. Gradually, this option has superseded the rest, so he dealt almost exclusively (though still some places allows for the delivery of the paper version, but it will be canceled in the near future). So at your disposal iBT TOEFL, which evaluates all four basic language skills that are important for productive communication and education work: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

International TOEFL exam It consists of four stages:

  1. Reading comprehension (reading comprehension). To understand the proposed material, you need to possess a certain vocabulary and understanding of the various terms. This stage lasts 60 minutes. 3 subtracts the text and answer the questions to them (12-14 each).
  2. Listening comprehension (listening comprehension). You have to take the English language at the hearing (including grammar, vocabulary, idioms, etc.). Do not forget to say will be with an American accent. Stage Time — 45 minutes. You are listening to the conversation 2, answer 5 questions each. Then another 4 recording lectures (two of which are accompanied by comments students) and your answers to 6 questions each.
  3. Writing (writing). This is a test of your ability to express their thoughts in writing. You have 50 minutes. You have two tasks: first read the small text, listen to a lecture on the same topic and write an essay, and all this in 25 minutes. And for the same amount of time you have to write a second essay on the proposed theme.
  4. Speaking (Speaking). Before you six jobs and six questions on the topics presented. Within 20 minutes you have to overcome them.

How to prepare for international exams TOEFL?

The first option, as has been said, to apply on a training course where you will devote to all the details of putting this test, and will provide benefits in the weeks dragged on possible jobs. The second option — English lessons on Skype with an experienced teacher who will give you all the necessary material. And the third — self-training. You will need special training courses, equipped with audio. For example, the following:

  • TOEFL Writing Topics and model essays
  • Building Grammar Skills for TOEFL iBT
  • Practice Exercises for TOEFL
  • Heinemann TOEFL
  • Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFL

and many others.

You can find them online Also on the Web a lot of online materials and pilot tests, which are located here: and Be bold, but do not forget to note the time that you need to perform each task!



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