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International TKT exam

English as a second or foreign language, conducted at Cambridge University ESOL department, there are several categories: Exams for children and teenagers, the exams in general English, business English exams and exams for English language teachers. In this article, we’ll talk just about one of the exams for teachers of a foreign language — the international examination TKT. Introduced five years ago, this exam has become very popular among teachers of English as a foreign language, since it allows you to put the evaluation of the methods of teaching, which adheres to the teacher.

Why take an international exam TKT?

If you are an English language teacher and want to have your ability to learn other people appreciated competent employees world-renowned University of Cambridge, you will need to pass an international exam TKT, an acronym which stands for The Teaching Knowledge Test. Moreover, the exam may take not only a teacher with experience in teaching, but also those who in the future is going to become a teacher and teach a foreign language. You can start taking this international exam, if your knowledge of English can be assessed as a level B 1- B 2 of Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(a level intermediate / upper-intermediate).

The result of putting your international TKT exam will receive a certificate with the assessment of your knowledge and skills in a certain scale, which will be listed below. Please note that this exam certificate you get anyway, whatever the outcome of the examination. Option «did not pass» does not exist here. After receiving the certificate, proof of your professionalism, growth in this profession, you get an advantage over colleagues.

What is the international exam TKT?

This exam can be of two types: TKT, check your theoretical knowledge base, and TKT-Practical, which affirms the right of teaching. Both exams are separately as modules, of which they are composed.

There are three main modules of the international exam TKT:

  • The system of language and language learning the basic theory and the theory of language teaching (language and background to language learning and teaching);
  • Lesson planning and use of additional benefits, resources, materials (planning lessons and use of resources for language teaching);
  • Maintenance and course of the lesson (managing the teaching and learning process).

In addition to the basic modules, there are also additional:

  1. TKT CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) — checks if you have enough knowledge to teach one or several subjects in English. If you are interested, you go to these links: and
  2. TKT KAL (Knowledge about language) — verifies the knowledge in the field of linguistics, including lexicology, grammar, phonology and discourse. For more information about the module can be read on the website and

Each of the test modules TKT International consists of 80 questions. Duration of delivery unit — 1 hour 20 minutes. The organization of this exam is that you can pass all three modules in one day, but you can mod a day, while the exam is stretched for three days.

International Exam TKT: Practical issues a certificate that confirms your right to teach. With this test you will be able to assess precisely the practical skills of pedagogical work, your ability to teach English as a foreign language, your way of working. I think that would be a good idea to require this exam the students who graduate from teacher training institutions and plans to continue to work on a specialty. All the same, as if you are not well studied, which would not have received in-depth knowledge, it happens that teach it to other people becomes very difficult, and sometimes not feasible task. If you do not work out in practice all the theoretical material to which you have been taught.

Practical TKT modules are:

  • lesson planning (lesson planning);
  • management framework audience (classroom management);
  • teaching skills (teaching skills).

Testing in international examination TKT: Practical occur within conventional lesson, for 40 minutes (or for two periods of 20 minutes). Authorized Representative Examination Council appreciates the lesson plan and lesson itself.

As I mentioned, regardless of the results of the exam, absolutely all the award certificate, except that in the assessment it may be different. There is a scale of four points on which determines the practical part of your knowledge in this type of examination:

  • limited knowledge of TKT: Practical;
  • Basic, but systematic knowledge of the content of TKT: Practical;
  • deep knowledge of the contents of TKT: Practical;
  • extensive knowledge of the content of TKT: Practical.

Usually know the results of the exam that you pass, you can have in a month.

As you can see, the international certification exam TKT is a valuable document that can confirm in writing to all the knowledge and skills that you own. If you want to become a truly qualified teacher, you need to not only know the language perfectly, but also to operate the concepts of science, which are connected with the study of languages ​​in general.



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