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International Exam BEC

With the help of the University of Cambridge International Examinations can check not only ownership of the common English language, the ability to teach the language to others, but also knowledge of business English, which necessarily need those who are planning to build a career in international business. These skills are assessed in the international exam Business English Certificate (BEC). Each year, decide to take the exam more than 100 thousand people in 60 countries. And every year who want to test the ability to communicate effectively in the business environment becomes more and more. The reason for this — companies and organizations around the world that recognize the results of the international examination BEC, and often asked to provide a certificate for a job. Despite the fact that pass the international exam BEC can already 16 years, mainly candidates age above 25 years.

Why take international exams and BEC in particular? Firstly, this test does not require any specialized knowledge in business, but nevertheless, it is necessary to prepare for it. Therefore, almost all of the candidates before the exam pass preparatory training that helps organize existing knowledge and focus on specific lexical and grammatical material. Secondly, in preparation for the completion of this examination, the candidate acquires the knowledge that it will need to build business career at the international level. Thirdly, the international certification exam BEC is perpetual, so again to retake the exam is not required. As we can see, some advantages. If you decide to get a document certifying your knowledge of business English, take note that you have four chances a year to try his hand.

Levels of international exam BEC

International Exam BEC, as well as the exam IELTS, tests the four basic skills of speech activity: Reading (reading), writing (writing), listening (listening), spoken language (speaking). Of course, exam materials are authentic texts, audio English-speaking countries. For a list of those that prevail in this exam, you can, by clicking on the following link:

International BEC exam is intended for candidates with different levels of knowledge, so a single option exam for all does not exist. There are three versions of it that are different degrees of difficulty. That’s about each of them and we’ll talk.

  1. BEC Preliminary — this exam is for those whose knowledge of business English correspond to the level Intermediate — B 1. Certificate exam this species will say that the owner has enough vocabulary to fill out a questionnaire, to provide personal information, create a resume. The BEC Preliminary exam such steps as reading and writing, and are connected by a single entity, which is not in the other two, more complex forms of international BEC exam .First testing involves several activities: to «read» it is necessary to answer 45 questions, and «letter» to perform two tasks — writing e-mail / letter notes and business customers / suppliers. It should be noted that it is necessary to comply with the number of words you want in a job as «too little» or «too much» in this case a negative impact on the assessment. On the performance of all tasks assigned to a half chasa.Esche 40 minutes will have to spend on the «listening» (answer 30 questions). As of the material — record presentations, lectures, talks, interviews, etc. Well, just 2 minutes is given to the «spoken language». This step must be held in a pair with another candidate. Can you imagine communicating with your partner, with the examiner.
  2. BEC Vantage — the exam for those whose knowledge of business English correspond to the level Upper-intermediate — B 2. After receiving the certificate, you can say with certainty that the business can use English when communicating with clients, to do any work in ofise.Potrativ hour for the first phase of the international exam BEC Vantage, you will need to provide answers to 45 questions by showing you We understand what they read until a phrase or even a word. In 45 minutes «letters» you will be asked to perform two tasks: to make instruction / explanation / agreement in the first case and write a report / proposal / apology / complaint in the second case. 40 minutes of «listening» and answers to 30 questions — is the content of the third stage of the examination. Materials of the same subjects as in the BEC Preliminary, only more complicated. In the «informal conversation» with another candidate and an examiner takes 14 minutes. You must not only be able to negotiate and exchange information, and express their point of view (agreement or disagreement), compare anything.
  3. BEC Higher — the exam for those whose knowledge of business English correspond to the level Advanced — C1. The certificate of the order confirms that you are able to fully communicate in business, doing any kind of activity. Performing «reading», within an hour you already need to answer 52 questions based on the reading material. And the next hour and ten minutes you devote to «letter», demonstrating the ability to write a summary report (first job) and a business letter (second reference). Stages of «listening» and «speaking» similar to those that exist in the international exam BEC Vantage, but there is a slight difference. Saying no would have been 14 and 16 minutes.

The results of the international examination BEC

How are your skills? After passing the exam the international BEC Preliminary you can get a certificate with the following criteria: pass with merit (80-100%), pass (65-79%), level A 2 (40-64%) and fail (0-39%). The first three are scored, the last result — «not passed.»

But in the other two species of international exam BEC bit different system of evaluation: A (80-100%), B (75-79%), C (60-74%). But those who have received the D (55-59%) and E (0-54%), failed the exam.

If you want to learn more about the international exam BEC, please refer to the official website Materials for the preparation for it can be found at They include such courses as BEC Benchmark, BEC Masterclass, BEC Testbuilder (all three Rivne), and others. You can also enroll in English on Skype, and our teachers will help to prepare for this exam is not very simple.



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