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International CPE exam

The most complex of the international examinations held unit ESOL Cambridge University, is an exam CPE, the full name of which sounds like a Certificate of Proficiency in English. This is the «ceiling», the highest level of proficiency in English, which means that this language to you almost like a mother, and you operate them as an educated native English speaker.

International CPE exam created in 1913 for foreign English teachers. However, despite the fact that this test is the oldest, it undergoes changes with levels of other examinations. In particular upgrade exam CAE — a notch below the CPE — contributed to the fact that the latter was revised in 2002. International CPE exam It can be taken only once since his certificate has an unlimited, lifetime duration. This also applies to the other Cambridge exams.

Imagine that certain efforts for some time, and then, having achieved success in passing this exam, you will receive a document confirming your deep knowledge of the English language. Striving for perfection, we will only add confidence in themselves and their abilities. And having received an assessment of their abilities on the part of professionals, we can be proud of this wonderful personal achievement in the field of self-education.

International CPE exam is extremely difficult, but it is not, something unattainable. If you work hard and strive to master the English language at a high level, and this line can be overcome, get a coveted award. To prepare for this exam can be independently, but still I would recommend private lessons with the necessary teacher, English lessons on skype or group lessons. Being tuned to achieve a common goal, you will be easier to communicate with each other and have a positive impact on the achievement of each separately. Normally, preparation for international exam CPE lasts about a year.

If you still prefer to own all the difficulties to comprehend the English language, to understand its nuances, note the numerous training materials on international exams CPE. Among them are: Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English, Common mistakes at Proficiency, Proficiency Practice Tests, P roficiency Masterclass, New Proficiency Gold, Focus on Proficiency, etc. These grants and training courses are available at points of sale or download the English-language literature on the Internet. The most popular libraries for students who are learning English are resources and

Difficulty international exam CPE highest and corresponds to the level of C 2 in the system established for Modern Languages ​​Council of Europe. Certificate exam this opens up almost any door in the world: in education, in professional activities, scientific research, etc. Accordingly, the requirements for this exam rather big. You have no problem to understand all that you hear, and what you say. You should easily hold a conversation on any topic and express their views on a particular issue. You must navigate the field of culture, cinema, theater, literature. You must own the perfectly written speech — any documentation or any kind of written work for you is not a problem. You can participate in conferences and meetings, express their opinions and thoughts, as well as competently and quickly outline the word of others. If you have all these skills, you will certainly have to take an international exam CPE and reaffirm their deep and high-quality knowledge.

Every year in the world is about 45 thousand who seek to pass an international exam CPE depending on the objectives sought, whether the potential work, first-class education, or any other reasons. It should be noted that all written work of the candidates are sent directly to the University of Cambridge to test specifically accredited by the Commission.

The structure of the international exam CPE

The structure of the international exam, as well as two others CAE and FCE, does not differ from each other. Those five blocks to test a limited time interval. Among them:

  1. Reading (Reading). With a fleet of half an hour, you should examine nine texts seeking to understand every word and every sentence. You will also be required, and catch composition of these texts, their structure and intent of the author. All their successes at this stage, you are showing in the responses to 40 questions proposed.
  2. Writing (writing). Letters, articles, reports, reviews, essays, etc. — That’s what you have to navigate without problems. 2:00 this stage divided into two parts. Specify the first part (based on the short help text) is always required, but in the second part you can choose what kind of written work you will perform. Note that among the tasks of the second part of the examiner have questions on literature, which must be read in advance. What exactly is the book can be found on the official website
  3. Use of English (language use). It should be one and a half hours to perform five tasks that demonstrate how well you own grammatical structures of language, lexical material, idioms and colloquial variants of English. In short, your English is to be ready for anything.
  4. Listening (listening). To perform this test phase, you are given 40 minutes, during which you have to listen to seven records and correctly answer the questions provided. A recording can be very different, from the dialogues in English and conversations, and ending the interview, news and announcements, etc.
  5. Speaking (Speaking). As already mentioned, the test is separate conversation. Typically, 20 minutes are devoted to this phase, composed of three parts. You are required to submit his monologue and answer questions, perform a task in a pair with another candidate, and then talk individually with the examiner using visual aids in the form of pictures and photos, and answering his questions.

The examination results are known within two months, and in the event of your victory over this international exam to obtain your certificate is given only six weeks after the announcement of the results. 40 points for each block, the maximum that you can type — is 200 points. The same levels of assessment in the international exam CPE — A, B, C, D, E — determine how you expertly proficient in English, and whether or not to issue you a document. If you pass an international exam CPE, you can only congratulate the brilliant knowledge of the English language.



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