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International CAE exam

International CAE exam is an excellent option assess your knowledge of the English language on a fairly serious level. This examination, like the rest of the exams at Cambridge University, was developed by a division of ESOL Examinations Board of the University of the same name. And he appeared in December 1991.

If we look at the transcript of the abbreviations of the international exam CAE — Certificate in Advanced English, it becomes clear that the level of knowledge for this exam is high. I will not say «very high» because this phrase corresponds to the fifth and most recent exam in English CPE, which offers Cambridge University. According to the European classification CEFR (talk about it in the article about the exam FCE), the international exam CAE level of difficulty assigned a C 1. On a scale above the CEFR can only be Level C 2, and this exam CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English).

For what purpose pass an international exam CAE? Many advantages that may convince you to do it, listed in the article «Why take English as a second or foreign language? «. I just want to add that the value of certifications in English, that you get in case of successful exam, really great. How often have you heard the question — what is your level of English? And you mentioned that some argue that speak English perfectly, while others complain of a «middling». And how do we define it? Perhaps those who think that they are all excellent, really not up to such knowledge. Or, conversely, someone unknowingly lowers the level of their abilities.

You can easily answer the question of what level of English you speak? Your assessment is objective? We can only speculate, but to be sure that this is so. To do this, and there are English as a second or foreign language. They are necessary to the competent commission saw how you handle the English language, and determined what you can do. And then you, having the certificate recognized a significant worldwide university will be able to realistically assess your knowledge. And having received an international certificate exam CAE, you will see that you can be proud of themselves and their success, and understand that from now on before you open the doors of organizations and educational institutions worldwide.

I’m not exaggerating. International Certificate CAE exam is recognized by many universities in different countries. Among them — University of Cambridge, University of Oxford (UK), California Institute of Technology (USA), University of Toronto (Canada), University of New South Wales (Australia) and others. Agree, training abroad, especially in such grand institutions worth it. If you are interested in professional activity of foreign companies, you should know that the international certificate CAE exam a weight for companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Sony, Nokia, Bosch, etc. Indeed, the opportunities for further growth and development in the field of English language simply stunning. I think it is worth to strive to successfully pass the CAE exam and international, better yet, with time and beat the highest level — exam CPE.

What level of knowledge required for the international exam CAE?

As already mentioned, the level of English should correspond to the category of advanced. According to the level of proficiency, the candidate for the exam can read fluently, with understanding, read and write correctly and easily, without any effort to communicate on virtually any topic, selecting vocabulary for talking without thinking. You also need a good understanding of aspects of the language and its variation depending on the application. For example, if the conversation is built using British English, you do not need to add material of the American variant, and vice versa. It is believed that a person with a level of English «advanced» read any category of literature, understands almost the entire speech, which hears without difficulty writes written works of various kinds. Complicated? Maybe, but nothing is impossible.

The structure of the international CAE exam

Each year, this exam passes about 60 thousand people from 60 countries, which also testifies to the popularity of this exam. Let’s see what types of tests have to perform the candidates who donate the exam. Self examination is divided into two stages. One day you are dealt four tasks (reading, writing, use of language, listening). And for testing of speaking to each individually appointed date and time. Stages International CAE exam in English:

  1. Reading (Reading). To pass this stage, you are given 1 hour 15 minutes. You are invited to the four texts read that you have to answer questions. But to give the correct answers, you will need to understand their meaning, pay attention to details, to grasp the idea of ​​the author of this text. The texts are taken from both the artistic and non-fiction, newspapers and magazines.
  2. Writing (writing). For half an hour you have to do one or more written assignments on the proposed material, as well as write to choose article order, note or report, etc.
  3. Use of English (language use). Divided into five parts, the testing phase involves the implementation of 50 tasks (select the correct answer, fill in the blanks in the text, make an offer). For everything you have only an hour.
  4. Listening (listening). While listening to taped interviews, discussions, lectures, news, and just dialogues, you need to understand their meaning and respond to the required number of questions. Divided in three parts, this step is 40 minutes.
  5. Speaking (Speaking). The final stage of the international CAE exam tests your ability to communicate in English in different situations and with different numbers of interlocutors. You will not only tell about themselves and their preferences, but also comment on certain visual materials examiner, answering his questions.

Evaluation of your knowledge is also conducted on the scale of five-letter — A, B, C, D, E, of which the first three (60-100%) involve the issuance of the certificate, and the last two represent the failure of the exam.

To prepare for the delivery of international CAE exam you can, studying with an English teacher through Skype or foreign language courses. Internet — a storehouse of resources in this area. Site content,, help you familiarize yourself with information that might be on the exam, learn about what literature should be examined for any grammatical subtleties of attention. And, of course, preparing for this exam is not without special courses, published specifically for this level of English: CAE Practice Tests, Interactive CAE, CAE Gold Plus, CAE Result, Objective CAE, Complete CAE and others.



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