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Intensive English

Intensive English — two-thirds of your free time devoted to the study of language. As a rule, to such drastic measures resorted people in extreme situations, namely at the time of various tests in English or responsible mission. Intensive English involves the development of a huge amount of information in the most concise terms. This is undoubtedly a big load for a student, so important to organize the learning process and supply of linguistic material.

Strategy of Intensive English

Intensive English suit all comers with different levels of proficiency. On the ground level, such an approach will help you quickly master the basic skills of communication. If you already have a level of English language intensive method will help you not only to recall previously obtained knowledge and to improve them, but also significantly expand their. The intensive approach to the study of English language courses will provide you with a sizeable vocabulary. Your speech will not only be richer thanks to new meanings of the words, but also acquire shades. With self-study, you first need to correctly determine your level of knowledge of the language (this will help to make tests to determine the level), and therefore the level, select the tutorial. Intensive English language is, first of all, immersion in the language, where 90% of teaching time is devoted to the spoken training. Communicative method of studying, which is the basis of intensive English language, aimed primarily at removing the language barrier. Ideal if your teacher will act as a speaker. In this case, an artificial language environment will be as close to the real conditions of communication. Your English tutor on skype will also be a great companion, if you choose this method of teaching. If you decide to study English intensively on their own, it is possible to experience some difficulties in finding interlocutors, although with the help of the Internet, this problem is solved quite simply.

Intensive English will require you a lot of effort. The key to success is the systematic, daily activities, which must not be confined coursework studies. Most of the development of the new material is necessary for independent learning English. And if the language barrier is overcome in the course sessions, the listening comprehension can improve yourself. Create language environment at home is very simple. This will help you TV and radio programs in English, and, of course, the Internet. Do not forget about the role of no small importance of reading in English as a source of new vocabulary.

Intensive English — quite a time-consuming process, but if the end justifies the means, you will overcome any difficulties.



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