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Intensive English courses

Intensively means a very fast pace. Intensive English courses (for knowledge) is usually chosen by people, time-bound. These courses are also useful for those who want a business or leisure trip (for the «revival» of knowledge).

They are great for people of any age with any level of English language proficiency.

The essence of intensive English language courses

Everywhere sounding flooring teachers question: «How long does it take to learn English?» Everything will mainly depend on your perseverance, time spent on the study material and the number of hours of practice.

At the heart of the intensive English course is communicative method. For communication offers the most common everyday situations. At the end of the course your vocabulary will be at least 25,000 lexical units. The course is built on the work in pairs and groups, allowing in the classroom to speak English to each student. Grammatical and lexical structure fixed in a speech via role-plays, discussions and simulations of life situations.

Intensive English courses>, above all, help to remove the language barrier. Communicating with different people with a different accent, a man learns by ear it is not only a teacher and speaker, and others. Live chat, the ability to talk almost incessantly, undoubtedly, is one of the main advantages of intensive English language courses.

By cons of the course, first of all, we need to include the lack of a strong grammatical base, which in turn will affect the literacy of speech. The disadvantages of intensive English courses are also large information load, which in principle is achieved with proper training and a limited vocabulary — problem solved, too, because you just show the way and help you take the first steps, and this is the way to go to be yourself.



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