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Independent infinitive turnover English

With such an impersonal form of the verb is the infinitive, we have already seen in some articles: on the main infinitive infinitives more about the particle to, and without it, as well as in the materials of the two constructions with an infinitive Complex Subject and Complex Object. There was unlit only one design with this form of the verb an independent infinitive turnover. In English, it has the following title Absolute Infinitive Construction.

It is found that the turnover in the English language is not often. Main place of use — legal and technical texts, commercial documents and literature. What is an independent infinitive turnover in the English language? It consists of a noun in the general case and the infinitive. The proposal to separate two parallel circulation infinitive construction. The first includes the subject and predicate, expressed basic semantic verb, the second consists of a noun and an infinitive, the noun it is the second subject. Thus, in every part of the complex sentence has its own subject.

The noun in the independent circulation infinitive in the English language expresses the person or thing that performs the action expressed by the infinitive, or subjected to any action. The location of the self-infinitive turnover — end of sentence. This turnover we separate from the rest of the proposals point. Administered alone turnover infinitive in English can by the preposition with, but often we are faced with bespredlozhnym goal. Infinitive in this design is used with a particle to.


The sellers offered the customers of 300 barrels of oil, delivery to be made ​​in May. — Vendors offered to buyers (customers) of 300 barrels of oil, and the delivery must be made in May.

Miss Stanley is below, with a car to take you home. — Miss Stanley at the bottom of the machine, which will take (bring) your home.

This application should be forwarded by a registered letter, the text to be written in English. — This application must be sent by registered mail, the text should be in English.

As can be seen from the examples in the Russian translation appears frequently Union «and.»



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