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Inclination in English

In English, as in Russian, there is such a thing as the inclination. Inclination as a grammatical category is inherent in the verb.

Forms mood in English

In English, there are three moods: indicative (the Indicative Mood), imperative (the Imperative Mood), and the subjunctive (the Subjunctive Mood).

Indicative mood indicates that the speaker considers the action as a real fact.

Tom likes swimming very much. — Tom loves to swim.

Indicative Mood in English has two collateral. Pawn shows whether committed by or subject to the action as the subject (active voice Active Voice), or to be exposed to (the passive voice Passive Voice).

The verb in the imperative mood in English expresses an order, request advice and takes the form of the second person. The imperative distinguish two forms: negative and positive.

Sit down, please. — Sit down please.

Do not sit down. — Do not sit down.

The subjunctive mood in the English language does not express the real and anticipated or desired facts.

If I were you I would do it at once. — In your place I would do it immediately.

There are three groups of the subjunctive in English.

The first is: Present Subjunctive, Past Subjunctive and Past Perfect Subjunctive. The latter form is used very rarely.

He ordered that the documents be sent at once. — He ordered that the documents were sent immediately.

The second group includes combinations should c Indefinite Infinitive and Perfect Infinitive.

Why should he have written so strange a letter? — Why he wrote such a strange letter?

The third group includes combinations should (in the first person singular and plural), and would (in the second and third person singular and plural) with Indefinite Infinitive and Perfect Infinitive.

If I won the first prize, I would be happy. — If I had won the first prize, I would be happy.

The subjunctive mood in English and can be transmitted by a combination of modal verbs might and could infinitive.

If my friend were here he could show his car. — If my friend were here, he would show his car.

The study of the first two inclinations does not cause such difficulties as learning the subjunctive. But, nevertheless, if we follow the principle from simple to complex, and begin to explore, such as conditional sentences as the most frequently used, the subjunctive is quite possible to master.



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