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IELTS two months: a dream or reality?

Our school provides services in the field of teaching English on Skype for more than 3 years. During this time, his ‘English’ goals with our help reached many students. We are very pleased with their success and, no doubt, proud of their achievements.

What our students think about us, you can look at a page with reviews.

In addition, we can boast that they have relationships with the students and at the end of training. It is often in the process of communication with the student tied true friendship. It happened at this time. One of our students had to prepare for the IELTS exam in two months. «Madness! Impossible! «- Say, someone will be right. But I answer: There is nothing impossible to him who will try.

Meet Sergey! Prospective students of 6th course at St. Petersburg State University, Faculty of Applied Mathematics — Control Processes. He enjoys reading science fiction miniatures and modeling military equipment of the Great Patriotic War. My favorite superhero Batman.

Today we asked Sergei to share with our readers their experiences exam IELTS, and most importantly — experience in preparation for it. Sergey also kindly agreed to answer questions from our readers on his page in the social network, if any. Well, the conversation promises to be very interesting, and my expectations came true with a vengeance!

Svetlana: Good afternoon, Sergei! I do not want to pigeonhole, and immediately start with the issue head on — why? Why did you decide to take the IELTS?

Sergey: Hi! If the order, it all started on protecting the results of pre-diploma practice on my chair. Right in front of her was a presentation by a representative of one of the oldest universities in the world — Charles University in Prague. In the speech dealt with the training programs in the field of Applied Economics. Despite the fact that a certificate of English proficiency was not included in the minimum list of documents required for the application, I have decided to strengthen their position. I wanted in bystrenkomu prepare and pass any exam. It was in the last week of December, the deadline was set at 30 April. But I began to get ready in February. The schedule was tight, and there were no signs woes. Only in the middle of April, I will receive a letter that the residents of visa countries must apply for 2 weeks before, that even more «tighten the screws» on my chart.

Svetlana: Hmm, interesting, and with what amount of knowledge you have begun to prepare? What were you about the level of knowledge?

Sergey: I read comic books in English, understand the general idea of ​​reverse speech is different from «How can I go to the slaughterhouse?» From the «Do not deign to spend a few minutes of your time to talk about our Lord Jesus Christ?». Reading professional literature went quite well because our terminology, in most cases — a direct transliteration into Russian. Wordly things like classical poetry were unattainable for me. You could say that I was the middle Pre-Intermediate.

Svetlana Where before you learn English? Which character was of your training? The constant and systematic and more spontaneous?

Sergey: And then, and more. Constantly and systematically, I learned new words, familiar with the language of daily activities: a lot of play on the computer and sitting on the Internet, while the year changing the school and university teacher here and there added to the treasury of my knowledge random snatches of «common theory. » As a result of my knowledge were the unfinished mosaic — the total picture is not bad, but I did not know the rules of almost any. From this writing and speaking to me it was quite complex. I think that most people are in this situation — our world is full of English speech. We got used to it, but to communicate only in Russian, and it creates the very difference in the levels of perception of other people’s words and images, and create their own.

Svetlana: How did you decide to prepare for IELTS for Skype?

Sergey: Language of life circumstances. At the time, I was tied to the movement between St. Petersburg and Sevastopol, and I needed to find a teacher who will be available at the right time regardless of my location. Before you announce publicly about finding a tutor of this kind, I consulted with all the friends who speak English or travel a lot — and here I am!

Svetlana: You know, many people are wary of Skype for learning. Have you ever had any doubts, it could prejudice associated with training on Skype?

Sergey: Tons of ten. Each approach — there is a compromise, but a virtual training was a novelty for me, and I, like any sane optimist, came to the process with the greatest skepticism.

Svetlana: How did you meet with the teacher? Are you training? Will you get in touch with the teacher?

Sergey: Immediately. I «Trained» teacher named Lily, I was very pleased with her lessons. At orientation sessions, we have developed a scheme of interaction. For homework, I performed the part of the test, which could make yourself: practice reading, writing lyrics and a lot of listening. Up in the classroom we passed the grammar, which was the most important — I have all the lame, so we focused on the basic: articles, times the conditional construction, the structure of the text, the art of reading and so on. Lily checked my opus, in the end of the session we practiced speaking.

Svetlana: For successful delivery of IELTS, in your opinion, how much should be paid to temporary employment and work at home online?

Sergey: The focus, of course, to work independently. The teacher can not push the head knowledge of the language takes practice. In my circumstances I had tugovato. I was watching movies in English, I read books as a holiday from school. On average, the practice of the day I spent 2-3 hours in the classroom and we accents. Lily told me about my mistakes, and I got a new vector for practice purposes. If you have more time (at least six months), I would be led by an hour a day in the evening, but this is not my story. Perhaps, by the way, loaded schedule helped me pass as I passed.

Svetlana: What for you was the most difficult in the exam?

Sergey: The atmosphere. By itself the tasks I was more or less ready. I «proreshat» is not a book of test cases to get used to the format of the exam, develop skills for solving typical problems of the test. Be prepared for the fact that the exam you will be given a strong emotional pressure: you have no right to speak, and served exactly the job count and the strict rules of the «one, two, three, started!». On its face, our regular exams to universities are very similar to this, only we do not have all this faceless, brutal austerity. It seems that around the world — a world of enemies and robots, so automated and impersonal this exam. The European educational system, get used to it, wishing to study abroad! In our age man need someone examination form, in the words of the famous writer. The only thing that pleased me — it’s a great Roslin examiner oral part of the exam. Very polite and smiling elderly woman from Ireland, with a mop of fiery red hair dispelled the stereotype of my country, St. Patrick’s Day.

Svetlana: Are you satisfied with your assessment? What are your plans for further study of the English language?

Sergey: I got an optimal evaluation of 7 out of 9. I may be wrong, but if you’re giving up exam 9 of 9 in the presence of a reputable exam on knowledge of the language, you have not come to the exam. Overall, my assessment is a good indicator of language proficiency (assessment and exceeds all of my classmates, who passed the same test).

I’m not going to climb higher, to me it is absolutely not necessary. I continue to live as he lived, only once or twice a week I read something brief little English, keep fit, so to speak. From time to time I help to translate texts in the department. In general, the use of training received in the course of knowledge in life.

Svetlana: Now, if you go back 2 months ago, you could imagine that your adventure «IELTS 2 months» will be crowned with success?

Sergey: I knew that I could not rest against the «ceiling» of knowledge of the language, in this sense, all the two months I was catching up with the opponent on an endless marathon: catch up is always easier than the first run, is not it? I’m just looking forward and ran with all his might, step by step closer to the cherished date of the exam.

Svetlana: Thank you, Sergey, for the frank and pleasant conversation. I am very glad that the certificate IELTS exam to help you with admission to graduate school. For his part, I do not wish to dwell on that level. Continue the run, so to speak: «Run, Sergey, run!»



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