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Idioms joys and sorrows in English

Sometimes even in our native language is not enough words to describe how we feel. Therefore, this article describes and explains the various expressions associated with emotions of joy and sorrow.

Idioms that help describe the joyful state of happiness:

Idiom Example Explanation
On cloud nine When I won the first prize I was on cloud nine. The Russian-language equivalent of the expression «in the seventh heaven.» The person who is «on cloud nine» is happy because his life was something very good.
Full of the joys of spring Max is full of the joys of spring. I think he’s got a new girlfriend. We speak about a man full of energy, effort and enthusiasm. About this we can say, «He just glows with happiness.»
Happy as a flea in a doghouse After getting new job, John is (as) happy as a flea in a doghouse. Literal translation: «like a flea in a dog kennel.» If someone is happy and satisfied with the state of their affairs, then this expression about him.
Stars in one’s eyes He had stars in his eyes when he heard about his promotion. It can be translated as «His eyes sparkle with joy.»
We use when someone looks very happy.
Be / feel on top of the world After my successful debut I was on the top of the world. Translation «on top of the world», «a horse.» This expression is used when a person is very happy and pleased with himself, because everything is going the way he wants.
Walk on air You have been walking on air since your wedding. If your life was a joyful event and you are so happy that you feel that you do not go, and fluttering with joy, this idiom is definitely about you.
About a man can say that he does not feel her legs under her joy.
Happy camper Mr.Smith who has a nice house, a family, a decent job is a happy camper. Usually, what they say about a man who has everything in life is successfully formed, he has all that he needs and there is no reason for complaint. You can also find the phrase «not a happy camper», which is the opposite, a negative value.
Fool’s paradise You are living in a fool’s paradise! Your boss is not going to promote you! «Ghost happiness.» Talking about a man that he lives in a «fool’s paradise», we mean that he would rather wishful thinking, lives in a world of illusions.

Idioms sadness:

Idiom Example Explanation
Face like a wet weekend What’s happened? You’ve got a face like a wet weekend! Wet weekend — rainy weekend which always spoil our mood. This expression refers to look sad, sad.
Down in the mouth Sue looks down in the mouth. What’s the matter with her? Idiom denotes
«Hung his head in dismay, in a bad mood.» If a person looks so we’ll say about him that he was «down in the mouth.»
Your heart sinks My heart sank when I heard the news about the accident. If suddenly you hear about something sad, we can say «the soul went into the heel,» «heart stopped.»
A lump in your throat It was such a sad moment, that she had a lump in her throat. The idiom is translated into Russian as «stuck in his throat.» It comes from strong emotions, sad emotions.
Down in the dumps The sportsman has been down in the dumps after he injured his leg. This idiom describes a gloomy, sad, depressed state after the disaster or disruption.
Go to pieces Mary nearly went to pieces when her husband died. The phrase refers to losing control, for example, after severe shocks and be very depressed, depression.

To these expressions are well anchored in your memory, and you could effectively use them, I suggest you do the following assignment. Please correct the errors in the expressions and try to remember what they mean:

  • On cloud seven
  • Down in the lumps
  • Full of the joys of energy
  • Happy as a dog in a doghouse
  • Face like a wet holiday
  • Stars in one’s head
  • Be / feel on top of the range
  • A dump in your throat
  • Go to parts
  • Go on air
  • Your heart jumps
  • Happy tourist
  • Down in the nose

And now make up its proposals with examples using the corrected expression. Share your examples, we will be happy to assist with verification. I wish you to you as often as possible used the idioms of joy and happiness and hope that you have found this article to discover something new and useful.



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