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I want to learn English

You can repeat a thousand times that the English language — the language of international communication and business sphere. You can say a million times that the English language is necessary for all … Well, if not all, of the people seeking more profitable to look at the labor market, or for those who want no problem understanding people of other nationalities. The importance of English in today’s world, it is written a lot of, to dwell on this more will not.

The above-mentioned reasons, as well as a variety of other reasons, cultivate in people the desire to not just learn English and acquire high-quality knowledge. Here in our minds matured thought: «I want to learn English!» The goal is set, it remains only to choose the right course of action to achieve success. When we interviewed dozens of people who were involved or engaged in the study of English, it turns out that 80% did not have the desired result. Why so? After all, English is not so very difficult, it in fact talking millions.

As I see it, the problem lies in the motivation and well-chosen course of study, for each individual. Only in this case it can be expected that all the effort will not be wasted.

«I want to learn English!» — What to do?

Of course, a desire to learn a language is not enough. And it’s not in English. Remember that for the victorious end of a case requires strong motivation, that is your stubborn desire to reach the end. Only faith in what you really need, not give you excuses «go astray». Think about why you English. The desire to «be like all educated people» does not sound as convincing as «language is necessary for career growth,» especially if this growth is possible in the near future, and depends only on your knowledge of English. Or, for example, you’re going to get an education abroad, and you need to prepare to pass any examinations or tests. And in the future you will learn English too. In this case, you will try. Well, or you are seriously considering marriage with a foreigner or permanent residence in the state in which they say in English. Willy-nilly, you have to learn the language, and then your «I want to learn English,» is justified and purposeful.

Believe me, empirically proven that if you want to learn English, «just so», virtually nothing will come of it. You can save only excellent willpower, which will not allow you to live safely in the event of shirking assignments. It is much easier to come up with a bunch of excuses why we can not devote enough time to the British during the day than they do. A deal should be at least an hour, but every day! And how much of any temptations near: sleep, watch a movie, take a walk, sit on the internet and so on. My opinion — it is better to find the right incentive to train than willpower. But it is the choice of everyone.

If the two previous concepts you all came together, it is necessary to correctly organize the workflow. It is a pity that there is no way — said, «I want to learn English!» And rushed knowledge themselves in the head. As you know, a rolling stone gathers no moss. Make the effort in any case have. First, determine how you prefer to work — alone or in a team. From this and will build what you like: you can try to learn English through skype; or learn the language of their own with the help of books, manuals, audio and video; or engage in English language courses, which can be both group and individual.

What is to do, the desire to «want to learn English» has become a real knowledge? Of course, it is hard to learn the vocabulary of the language, but not meaningless memorizing them from the pages of dictionaries, but in the context: exercise, reading texts, dialogues in English translation, etc. Of course, you should be given enough time English grammar, especially at the initial stage, so that in the future not to detect «holes» in the knowledge that will not be a solid basis for in-depth study of the language. Very good tool is the Internet. His volumes of information for the study of the English language hit. So try to look for a material on a particular topic you are studying at the moment. Take advice of our blog, the articles you will find useful links on a given topic.

As much as possible to communicate with those who are learning English, and those who know him. Tie a conversation with native speakers, communicate with them through social networks and program Skype, to hone skills spoken language. After learning English from books — this one, and then apply this «book» version — is quite another. It may be that you did not understand your interlocutor. And not to get in a position to actively listen to the English language in news broadcasts, watch a movie in English.

And, of course, learn English easier for those who really loves. Then the motive for wanting to «I want to learn English» look is not necessary. They do not say in the future, «want», and it has stubbornly taught. Good luck to you!



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