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Human body: body parts in English

Today, I want to continue a series of articles about important groups of words. We offer to learn the names of body parts in English. Many students admit that they know the subject surface, only basic words, because the scope of their activities not related to the anatomy or medicine. But our life is so unpredictable: sometimes only a lack of knowledge of words in a stressful situation may endanger someone’s life or your own.

When my close friend was vacationing in Europe, it had a very unpleasant experience. During the walk, she stumbled and fell. The pain was very strong, called an ambulance, but that’s my girlfriend did not know how to say «ankle» or «shin» on the phone. Fortunately, a number turned out to be an English-speaking compatriot who helped. But after the story my friend can take the test on knowledge of the parts of the body with your eyes closed.

Test yourself and learn new words. It is best to associate them with pictures, and then speak or check on her, calling her (or someone else’s) body. Here they are!


Word Translation
Body The body
Hand Arm
Head The head
Neck Neck
Elbow Cubit
Shoulder Shoulder
Chest The rib cage, chest
Armpit Armpit
Arm Hand (from wrist to shoulder)
Abdomen, stomach Stomach
Waist Thalia
Hip Thigh (side)
Thigh Thigh
Knee Knee
Calf Caviar (feet)
Shin Shin
Leg Leg
Foot (plural — feet) The foot (plural. H. — Feet)


I hope that the first part was easy. Now look at the person and find out what it consists of. You know all these words?

Word Translation
Face The face
Hair Hair
Skin Skin
Eyebrow Eyebrow
Forehead Forehead
Eyelash Eyelash
Eye Eye
Ear Ear
Cheek Cheek
Nose Nose
Nostril Nostril
Mole Birthmark, birthmark
Mouth Mouth
Lip Guba
Jaw Jaw
Chin Chin

Hand and foot

The next group of words for the curious. Consider the structure of the hands and feet.

Word Translation
Hand Arm
Wrist Wrist
Little finger Pinky
Ring finger Ring finger
Middle finger Middle finger
Index finger Forefinger
Thumb Thumb
Palm Palm
Nail Fingernail
Cuticle Cuticle
Knuckle Knuckle, knuckle

Word Translation
Foot Foot
Toe A toe)
Sole The sole, the foot
Instep Lifting legs
Arch Arch of the foot
Heel Heel
Big toe Thumb
Toenail Toenail
Little toe Pinky (on foot)
Bridge The upper part of the leg
Ankle Malleolus

I would like to draw your attention to some idioms related to body parts in English. English language teacher Alex site will tell you about five popular idioms by topic.

And, of course, I offer a good tradition to take the test on knowledge of body parts.



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