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How to write an essay in English

Virtually all examinations in English and in the various competitions there is a job, according to which you must submit to the jury and the evaluation commission an essay. It is this work should characterize you, your perceptions, your outlook, your knowledge and your potential.

What is an essay? Essay — a prosaic work of a small amount and free composition, which transmits individual experiences and views on a specific issue or topic. Initially your own essay is not positioned as a defining or exhaustive treatment of the subject. This is just purely a vision of your question, which is indicated by the theme of the essay.

How to write an essay in English? The essay can be written on the subject that you are offering, or on the free theme you choose for yourself if the job is not strictly defines the theme. If you have to write on a given topic, there’s no getting around it — you should try to reflect their knowledge and outlook on this small piece of text! It seems to me an essay on any topic of your choice a little bit easier, as in this case, you are free to decide which issue or a problem you understand best, and to express their opinions in an appropriate form.

How to write an essay in English?

Answering the question «how to write an essay in English,» it is worth recalling that any essay consists of several parts. I have identified three most important introduction, main part and conclusion. The introduction should outline the key idea, idea or problem that you will speak in the main part. Best of all, if it sounds as some brief but concise statements complete. By the way, it could be a quote in English, if you can pick it up in accordance with the semantic content of the essay in English.

The main part of the essay in English entitled to present any arguments prove or disprove your main thoughts that have expressed your personal opinion on the matter. There are examples that are illustrative display your point of view. When writing an essay in English or try to avoid abstruse phrase book that will transform your boring job creation. In this case, the verifier can opt to read this work. It is better to use a simple but at the same time a good, competent, quality English. Eat more adjectives and adverbs, but the main advantage of written English in this case — synonymous verbs and words in general. Your essay will be memorable, lexical and grammatical «beautiful.» And yes, mistakes are not welcome!

Finally, finish all your arguments and draw conclusions, which will be the final part of your essay in English. All of the essays should move smoothly into one another, all thoughts must be logically linked. This will help you a special vocabulary which exists to ensure that you consistently expressed their opinions.

For example, if you add can use words like moreover (in addition, more), as well as (as well as, and as), furthermore (in addition to the same). If you want to display a contrast or opposition of contact but (but), however (however), on the other hand (the other hand), yet (even while already), on the contrary (in fact, on the contrary, on the contrary) . Limit can be with words despite / in spite of (despite), express the cause or the result of something happens with the following language: therefore (so, for this reason), so (so, so), as a result (as a result of this so), consequently (hence so), this results in (a result), this leads to (turns). Pay attention to the order and sequence of adverbs then (later), next (and then the next time), after (after), finally / lastly (finally).

The main problem in determining the key point is «how to write an essay in English» is the inability of a brief, but competently express their thoughts. As a rule, we try to, as they say, «spread the idea of ​​the tree» or «pouring water». Here it just should not do it, because a large amount of useless information in your essay in English will not be dignity of your work, and it will be a disadvantage. If you are writing an essay is not an exam, and just ready for anything, ask friends and family to read it and appreciate. Sami also re-read it several times to see whether you made a semantic or grammatical errors, and in the presence of safely get rid of them.

  • And I suggest you study the 11 tips for writing an essay in the article «How to write an essay in English» perfectly «11 rules».

There are enough books on writing essays in English. You can search the material on the subject, available with tips and hints specialists. Examples of essays can be found at

All this will help you to develop the right tactics for writing an essay in English.



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