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How to WOW at a Job Interview. How to impress everyone at the interview

Interviews for a job (job interview) have become an integral part of our professional lives. Sooner or later, whether we like it or not, we all have to go through them. What you should know that such an exhilarating experience was rewarding and enjoyable? To the question «How to successfully pass an interview in English (job interview in English)?» I will try to answer in his article.

«It is very difficult to make the right impression!» — You might say. Indeed it is, because the purpose of some of the questions asked in the interview (job interview questions) can be a stress test, to identify the personal qualities of the candidate and his plans for the future. Do not be afraid to fail (to draw a blank) and speechless (to clam up). The key to success — preparing (research and preparation).

Preparing for the interview in English mandatory item includes practicing answers to the standard questions (open-ended questions) with a variety of valid responses. Let’s start with the most popular questions.

Tell me about yourself — tell us a little about yourself

Most probably, a common question warm up (warm-up question) aims to relieve stress, to tune into the desired format of communication and give you an opportunity to tell about themselves. But try to hold back the temptation to tell his life story in full. Interviewer waits for a brief description (snapshot) of who you are and why come to a vacancy (job opening, vacancy):

I have been working as a manager at McDonald’s for 5 years. I am responsible for personnel’s work efficiency. I started my career with fulfilling a cashier’s position and in 3 years’ time I got promoted to being a manager. A team of workers under my guidance has become one of the best among other facilities.
I work as the manager of a McDonald’s restaurant for 5 years. I am responsible for the efficiency of the staff. I started my career as a cashier, and after 3 years I was promoted to manager. The team of employees under my leadership has become one of the most effective among the other restaurants in the network.

What are uour salary expectations? What salary do you expect to receive?

The best way to find information on the average wage in the industry (average remuneration). Try to answer the interviewer with a question (to deflect), asking about what amount of compensation offered by (salary on offer). In most cases, to save (to keep their costs down), you will be called a lesser amount than they are actually willing to offer. If you are required to be more specific, it is necessary to specify the range, but it does not exceed the average cost of labor.

I am convinced that whatever remuneration you are paying is consistent with the current market average of $ 1700 to $ 2000.
I am convinced that the amount of compensation that you are ready to discuss, corresponds to the average level of the market offers from $ 1,700 to $ 2,000.

Why should we hire you? Why should we hire you?

Corona question (killer questio n), which you can add points or vice versa will reduce your chances of (break your chances) to the post. A successful response will depend on how good you are «probed» footing interlocutor, its demands and expectations (requirements and expectations). From you want to hear, you will bring a contribution to the common cause? What can you do for our business?

As I understand your expectations, you are first and foremost in need of a person who could increase your sales and has experience in team management. I can assure you of my proven track record in this sector. Successfully managing and developing my skills within your enterprise we would both benefit from our prolific collaboration.
If I understand correctly, you first need a man who can lead to an increase in sales and has the experience of managing a team. I can assure you the high quality of its track record. If successful management and development of my skills within your company, both sides will benefit.

Unexpected issues

Questions during the interview in English may seem extremely strange. Often, a person falls into a stupor from the issue, which he did not expect to lose and then not know how to go back to the «flat road». So my advice expect the unexpected (Be prepared for anything)! And finally to convince you that the issues may be quite mad, I will give a couple of examples. By the way, think about how would you answer them?

  • Are you happy with your life? — Are you satisfied with your life?
  • If you happened to be a pizza delivery guy, how would scissors be handy to you? — If you were a pizza deliveryman, how you could have used a pair of scissors?
  • Do you know why a tennis ball is fuzzy? — Why the ball for tennis nappy?
  • How does the Internet work? — How does the Internet?
  • How dishonest and self-centered are you? — Are you lying selfish?
  • What is there to dislike about humanity? — What can dislike humanity?
  • What is the color of money? — What is the color of money?

For example, the last question I want to note that the response should not be monosyllabic (one-word response) or trivial (trivial). Be smart. For example, if you have information that the company plans to expand (to expand) in the direction of the Indian market, it is appropriate to recall the Rs (rupee). Just the best defense may be attacked. Ask the other party a number of clarifying questions! The interviewer simply checks you for extraordinary thinking (out-of-the-box thinking) and the appropriate response in stressful situations (to cope with a stress situation).

Why did you leave your last job? Why did you leave your last job?

At some stage, you hear the question, and it is good if you have a prepared answer. A practical way of (the rule of thumb) — always positive about previous employers, you never know, you cross your path. Yes, and who else to ask for recommendations (references)?

I have grown a lot professionally with my previous employer and enjoyed the time I worked there. However, career prospects were few and quite far between. Factor into, that I am determined to advance my promotional opportunities sooner rather than later, I am open to new possibilities.
My previous employer helped me grow professionally, and I think it was a good experience. However, there was no career prospects. Given that I’m willing to improve and develop, I’m open to new proposals.

What are your weaknesses? What are your weaknesses?

Different sources offer many answers and help to understand (to tackle) on this issue. Most offer an example of your strengths, but to present it as a weakness (to portray as weakness). For example: I am an awful workaholic — I have a terrible workaholic. In fact, it will affect you in more damage than good. May think that you are unable to effectively organize your working time (poor time management skills). In this case it is better to give preference to the choice of this «slack», for example:

I have always had difficult time prioritizing and planning my workload. Yet, I have taken measures to solve this by starting to use a planning calendar tool and a diary system on my computer.
I’ve always had problems with the installation of priorities and planning of my workload. To solve this problem, I started to use the program-planning calendar and keep a diary of events on my computer.

What motivates you? What motivates you?

Of course, the majority are driven by a dream to ride a Bentley, a football player to earn income and to have a house at St. Tropez. But we must try to give a constructive response that will make your interviewer to believe that it will only benefit by offering you a job. For example:

I DO get a genuine kick out of seeing my squad exceed their monthly plan and completing projects within the budget.
I get a real pleasure to see how my team has been ahead of the monthly plan and implement projects within budget.

How would your former colleagues describe you? How would you describe the colleagues?

It is safe to assume that you liked the interviewer. He is already thinking about how to contact your former employer about the recommendations. You have to understand how important the choice of the person-referral for this mission. Try to answer this question as it would have done characterizes you people.

I would characterize working relationship with my manager as such based on mutual respect. I am said to be hardworking, reliable, extremely dedicated and able to perform well using my initiative.
The working relationship with my manager I would characterize as those that are based on mutual respect. About me you can say as a hard-working, reliable, a very dedicated staff that can work with the initiative.

Some categories of issues

Motivational Questions (Questions about motivation)
Why did you give our company preference? Why did you choose this company?
Whose example is of ultimate importance to you? Whom do you put yourself up as an example?
What objectives are you planning to achieve in this field? What goals would you like to achieve in this area?
Work experience (Experience)
How has the previous experience made you a proper candidate for this job? As previously obtained experience can help you in a new activity?
Could you specify what your most important accomplishments are? Could you mention your major achievements?
What was the level of supervision you used to be subjected to in your previous job? What level of control you were at the last workplace?
What was the reason for you leaving your last job? Why did you decide to leave the previous job?
What matters to you in an enterprise? What has special meaning for you in the company?
Duties and Responsibilities (duties and responsibilities)
If you discovered or your colleagues pointed at mistakes in your work, what would you normally do? If you find yourself or your colleagues pointed out a mistake in your work, how would you react?
Are you more of a team player or an individual executor? you prefer independent work or teamwork?
What tasks would you consider to be the most requiring in your previous professional experience? What problems would you have called the most difficult of the past activity?

Similar questions can be classified as «behavioral» interview (behavioral interviewing). More and more experts in Human Resources (HR managers) arrange such interviews. The strategy assumes that the successful candidates in the past — it is the most accurate measure of its productivity in the future. Jobseeker will be useful to know how to pass an interview in English in the following video.

Let’s take a closer look at the helpful phrase of the interview!

Outcome Result
Assignment Setting
Observation Observation
Paperwork Working documents
Financials Financial statements
Behaviour based interviewing Behavioral Interviewing
Panel interview Group interview (several participants from the company)
Body language Body language
Non-verbal communication Nonverbal communication
Course lecturer Teacher, lecturer
Exemption Rear. exemption from job
Bits and pieces Pieces
High distinction High mark
DO’S and DON’TS What can and can not
Measurable Tangible, measurable
Engaged Involved in activities
Keen Interested
Dismissive Disparagingly
Apologetic Feeling guilty
To face / to come across Collide
To go about To approach the problem, perform
To talk smb through Tell, explain, tell smb.
To prompt Come across the idea to prompt
To elaborate Develop a theme
To embellish Embellish
To pick up the slack Continue someone previous work
To run a mock company Simulate business management
To hand in To submit for consideration
To reallocate Redistribute
To conclude To sum up
Likewise Same
Concisely Concisely

How to describe yourself

Also, I would like to offer interesting list of words and phrases that will help you in a favorable light to present all the advantages.

  • Wide profile professional — generalist.
  • Pressure-resistant — to stress.
  • Customer-friendly — focused on work with clients.
  • Team player — team player.
  • Can-do spirit — of duty.
  • Drive to success — the desire to succeed.
  • Results driven — focus on results.
  • Eager to learn — ready to learn new things.
  • Multitasking abilities — the ability to solve several problems at once.
  • Proven track record — a good track record.
  • Self-motivated — purposeful.
  • I work against the clock — I have been working with great diligence to complete the task on time.
  • I take pride in my work — I’m proud of my work.
  • I have effective communication skills in English — both verbally and in writing — I effectively possess the skills both verbal and written communication.
  • I am extremely attentive to details — I was attentive to details.
  • I am 100% involved while performing work-related duties — I’m most focused on the performance of professional tasks.
  • I am good at resolving problematic situations — I have quickly come to problem solving.
  • I am a competent English user for the position at hand — I possess the necessary level of English for the post.
  • I am always in readiness to meet targets — I am always ready to reach the goal.

In conclusion, I would like to provide a link to an excellent multimedia course of preparation for the interview. It is ideal for those who ask themselves, «How to be interviewed in English» — a resource BBC Learning English.

I hope everyone will find material for your article useful. Also invited to test their knowledge in an exciting test. Good luck!

PS And what for you is the most unusual in the passage of the interview? There is something that you will never forget? Share, I will be very interested to know!



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