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How to teach English for the films: tips

As soon as we start to learn English, we immediately say: «Watch the movie! The only way you can learn the language. » We assure you begin to watch a movie, and a few minutes later understand that do not understand anything, turn off the video and firmly convinced that watching movies in English, we will not ever. Are you familiar with this situation?

In fact, you can watch movies and need. And that was the result, we need to put a specific objective view. Tighten language — is not the goal, rather, it could be the target except that if you have a level of Proficiency. Put realistic goals: vocabulary, improve the skill of listening, improve pronunciation, learn phrases from the conversation, and more. In this article, we will deal with several specific objectives: to what levels they are suitable, and what movies is recommended to look.

Start over. Do I need to watch movies if you’re just starting to learn the language? Yes, we have. View Video Beginner level is reduced to two purposes:

  1. Vocabulary.
  2. Get an idea of ​​the «sound» of the English language.

To expand your vocabulary, you need to choose a short video, no more than 10 minutes, which are training or advertising. In this video you can hear quite a few words and memorize them. The successful combination of video with the grammar perfectly clear at the primary level, is an old English cartoon Muzzy in Gondoland. It may look small «portions». Vocabulary and grammar are growing from simple to complex. Best educational cartoon in English, in my opinion, has not yet been invented.

To get an idea about English intonation, you can watch (or listen to) anything, but please note — without understanding. After viewing it is necessary to try to repeat the phrase intonation, using a set of sounds. Understanding the content at this point is not so important. This practice will allow you from the very beginning to master English intonation, which is quite different from the tone of the Russian language.

If you have a level of Elementary, you can view the video with the same goals as the Beginner, but at this level, added two more goals:

  1. Understand the structure of sentences and the use of time.
  2. To work on the most common errors (vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation).

Both goals are achievable thanks to watching the show Extra. Actors speak clearly and slowly, the main character always gets into funny situations because that confuses the meaning of words or wrong utters them. It can be a good vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation tighten. I recommend. You can also watch Disney cartoons (Aladdin, The Jungle Book) or just children’s animated films, such as Peppa Pig.

If you have a level Pre-Intermediate, you can go to a simple films and serials. The objectives remain the same. However, if you watch a movie, do not try to understand every word, try to understand the general meaning and record at least 10 new phrases from a movie or TV series. View without recording and repetition will give practically no results. It is best to begin with those movies that you have already looked at the Russian and know well what they are talking about. You can safely take almost all Hollywood films, such as The Holiday, or watch a good old TV series ALF.

If you have a level of Intermediate, add two new goals:

  1. Develop the ability to listening.
  2. Learn conversational English.

To improve listening comprehension useful to small pieces to use exercise videos Ben Franklin exercise. To understand the meaning of the exercise, I recommend to watch the next video

If you have a level of Upper-Intermediate and higher, you can choose almost any movie and TV series. It is important to remember what the purpose of viewing, and not just look, but to work with the film. Starting from these levels, you can arrange a discussion of films in English. It does not necessarily written in conversational clubs. It is enough to gather a few friends with the same level of proficiency in English, watch a movie, make the discussion questions and select several complex words or phrases (preferably with translation and transcription) that your friends read before viewing. Your home club is ready!

The best way to watch movies with subtitles in English, so if you did not hear a word, it can be seen in text form, and to translate this word if you met for the first time. It is very convenient to watch movies online, as there is not only collected series and films with subtitles, but also have a special feature: when you move the mouse on the word immediately appears its translation. You can see any series, but not more than one hour per day. Also there is a limit on the number of words translated. In general, for training one hour a day is enough, but if you want to watch more episodes, or be able to watch movies, you can purchase a paid account. I use this site a while ago and I use a free account, because after two series broadcast is disabled, and it insures you against «zasizhivaniya» with your favorite TV series, until the morning. The site has all the famous TV series in English, and the video quality is very good. Try to start watching videos in English on this website.

  • If you are not sure where to start, what level to choose, I advise you to go through our author’s test to determine the level of knowledge.

Also I would like to give a table which contains recommendations for movies and TV shows through the levels. Determine your level, choose a movie or TV series with the same interests and forth, conquer the English top! 🙂

Name of the film / series Recommended level Features
Muzzy in Gondoland Beginner Suitable for familiarization with the basic vocabulary and grammar
Extra Elementary Trains grammar and pronunciation, vocabulary can increase
Aladdin Elementary Practicing pronunciation, vocabulary increases
The Jungle Book Elementary Practicing pronunciation, vocabulary increases
Peppa Pig Elementary Practicing pronunciation, vocabulary increases
Tangled Pre-Intermediate Trains pronunciation, increase vocabulary, conversational English
The Holiday Pre-Intermediate Trains pronunciation, increase vocabulary, conversational English
ALF Pre-Intermediate Trains pronunciation, increase vocabulary, conversational English
Freaky Friday Intermediate Trains pronunciation, increase vocabulary, conversational English
The Princess Diaries Intermediate Trains pronunciation, increase vocabulary, conversational English
Singing In The Rain Intermediate A great number of idioms, classical correct English, shows the operation of the pronunciation
You’ve got mail Intermediate Spoken English, Vocabulary
Forrest Gump Intermediate Spoken English, Vocabulary
Glee Upper-Intermediate The musical, spoken English
Sex And The City Upper-Intermediate Spoken English, a lot of complicated words and phrases
Doctor Who Upper-Intermediate Spoken English, a lot of difficult words and phrases, rapid speech, different accents
Desperate Housewives Advanced Spoken English, a lot of complicated words and phrases
House MD Advanced Spoken English medical lexicon
The Big Bang Theory Advanced Spoken English, rapid speech, a lot of new complex vocabulary



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