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How to quickly learn English

The very question «How quickly learn English?» I would call pure rhetoric, because, in my opinion, the answer is not there. Although many people think differently. Try typing the name of the article into Google, and you get the sea links by clicking on which you will see a lot of advice on this subject. I especially like the perseverance of those who propose to study English by the method of the 25th frame. They are trying in every way to convince you that you are lying. That is, people who speak that quickly learn English can not be simply liars or older teachers, using the training methodology developed in the Soviet Union. According to the creators Audiocourses 25th shot, you just finished studying is their program for a month, and voila — you did not hesitate to speak English. Kind of like your subconscious needs to remember everything for you. Personally, I have this information causes only a smile.

So after all, how fast to learn English?

My answer is — no way. Well, there is no way by which you can quickly learn English. Of course, the purpose for learning English may be different. If you only need to learn a few colloquialisms or, for example, learn to speak briefly about yourself, go for it — a couple of weeks will be sufficient. Just do not tell anyone what you have learned English.

To know English perfectly, no one can, because this living language is constantly evolving, bringing something new. People who know English, differ only in the level of its ownership. Someone stops at some point, someone is constantly improving their skills. However, this process takes time, sometimes it long enough period. Therefore, people are aware of this, will never have the question, «How fast learn English?». But we are used to having everything at once. Why spend time and money training when you can give yourself the power of the 25th frame, and he will do everything for you. My personal opinion: these courses are working on the subconscious, or foreign language courses that promise to teach you English for three weeks or a month, created only to enrich themselves financially.

Therefore, I would be wary of such dubious offers, even if they sounded tempting. To learn something, you must make an effort, sometimes palpable. Only then will you conquer the English language. And so the process went faster, you can focus on a specific subject in English (if you have such a goal). For example, you need a medical or marine English. Other areas in this case, you can not take it, to save time. But in any case, you’ll need a basic knowledge base, without which it can not do. However, I would not call this a fast course.

Engage individually several times a week, read English literature, watching a movie in English, listen to the record, on the opportunity to join the club of the English language to be able to actively communicate or try to learn English on skype with our teachers. Fulfilling all your skills, you can learn English to a certain (you require) level, but this is unlikely to take a little time. In recent years, the courses of English language training is very popular communicative approach. In this case, the focus is on communication, and only a little time is devoted to the study of grammar and new vocabulary. Try it and this way — can you speak in English, and in two or three weeks. Only here is how well your speech and how interesting conversation with you — it is a separate issue.

If you are not an adherent of the course by the method of the 25th frame, you have to accept the fact that to learn English quickly you will not succeed. But your knowledge will only benefit, as they will be more thorough. Are you still asking yourself the question «How quickly learn English?». Then we go to you! Just kidding, of course! In any case, you must select what you prefer!



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