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How to make a habit of learning English: my personal experience

Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever.

Pain — a temporary thing. It may last a minute, an hour, a day or a year, but eventually pass, and something else will take its place. But if I give up, it will last forever.

Lance Armstrong

«You know five languages,» — surprised many when they met with me. «But I’m even a year to learn English which I can not.» At this point, people think that one day I gently put a few books under her pillow, she fell asleep on them, and when I woke up, spoke in Greek, sometimes inserting quotes in Slovak.

In fact, I love languages, and my grammar is easy, but I can not say that learning a new language for me — such a simple task. I’m madly in love the very idea. I think many people in this look. We are all delighted to buy a new book, so delicious-smelling ink. We look at the pictures, read the conversation, perform the exercises until you are faced with the first difficulties. For some it’s irregular verbs, for others — a form of the word «to be» or the first attempts to speak a new language. And here it is very difficult not to stop, not to get off track and still get the job done. The question is — how?

Here to help us to hurry almighty motivation. Usually it is a journey (or transfer) to another country or career opportunities. American composer Leonard Bernstein said that in order to make something great, you need two things: a plan and not enough time (To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time). But what if you have enough time, you’re not one of those who likes to plan, and want to learn a language just for yourself?

I have some tips for you. All are based solely on personal experience. In the programs say: «Warning! Do not try these stunts at home. » And I say, «Be sure to try to repeat these tricks at home, it can lead to the transformation of learning English in the habit.»

There is healthy mind in a healthy body

I confess all my life I was couch potato (idler), who could not bring the case to the end. All that I took, whether playing the piano, a promise not to eat sweets or learning Spanish, came to an end as soon as out of the corner, cute, smiling, waving hand the first difficulties. But two years ago I realized that a few months have recovered ten kilograms. I reluctantly began practicing sport three times a week, exclude from the diet all that can harm the figure. I confess that I was set up quite pessimistic.

But this time it was different as to help me, it’s reality show «The Biggest Loser» (lit.. «Most to lose»), in which overweight people for four months, lose weight through proper nutrition and sports loads. All this takes place under the supervision of «Big Brother» — a team of experienced trainers and nutritionists. As soon as I wanted to give up and eat a piece of cake, I remind myself, in the next series of the show a person weighing 200 kg per hour sweating in the gym and eating boiled chicken breast with vegetables. «If he can, then I can,» — I said to myself.

And when I saw the first change for the better in the mirror and heard compliments colleagues, I realized that I just can not go back to their normal state unsportsmanlike. This was my first step to increase motivation and improve their quality of life.

Here’s a snippet of the show, which helped me to properly configure itself to achieve the goal. The beauty is that you can use it to learn English. It comes in many countries, including the UK, the USA and Australia. You can choose to view the version of English that you prefer.

The list of words and phrases

Phrase Translation
A valuable asset Valuable contributions
To acknowledge Recognize
To be a better «me» Be the best version of yourself
To drive it home Impress, persuade
To get inspired Inspire
To give up Throw to surrender
To have smb’s back Cover someone
To kick off the season Starting the season
To make an impact Affect
To pass out Get swoon
To tackle childhood obesity Fight against obesity in children

A month later, a year later

Though «The Biggest Loser» and helped me get in shape, the new man for six months, I did not. But I really enjoyed working on them. Without the motivation to do it hard. I started to look for new ways to improve it. I come to the aid of the popular site now, which I highly recommend as a personal self-development, and to learn English, especially if your level is above the Pre-Intermediate. The site has a title and the full text for each video.

I stumbled upon an interesting performance officer of Google. He says that each of us must try to do something for 30 days. That’s just enough time to make a new habit or get rid of the old one.

The list of words and phrases

Phrase Translation
Self-confidence Self-reliance
The right amount of time Sufficient time
Memorable Memorable
Sleep-deprived Not enough sleep
Sustainable Reasonable, rational
To add a new habit Acquire the habit
To be likely to stick It is easy to get into the habit
To be stuck in a rut Get stuck in routine
To follow in the footsteps Follow suit
To subtract a habit Get rid of the habit

Well, I inspired? I successfully passed the 30-day trial of yoga and taught himself to carry a notebook with the German words and repeat them in my spare time. But the idea is to completely abandon coffee and did not survive. Too, it is associated with a pleasant start to the day.

Faster, higher, stronger

I must say that, despite all my self-development and the pursuit of excellence, I still am an avid computer gambling. As soon as I manage to find some time for myself, I did not hesitate to spend it on your favorite «Plants vs. Zombies» or «Sims 3». Fortunately, computer games can also be used to your advantage. For example, the recently released application SuperBetter, which helps to both increase motivation and to learn English.

In order to understand the essence of it, you need to familiarize yourself with the following TED -Stage in which the creator of the application, Jane talks about the benefits of computer games. Be sure to view the video, t. To. Note spoilers, Jane promised that by the end of her speech will increase the duration of the life of every spectator to 7.5 minutes. Let’s see how she does it work?

The list of words and phrases

Phrase Translation
An ally Ally
A craving The desire, desire
Determination Determination, dedication
A life span Life expectancy
An objective The aim, aspiration
A special mission Special Mission
A trait Trait
A waste of time Waste of time
Courageous Bold
Groundbreaking Revolutionary, swivel
Persistent Thrust, persistent
Persuasive Persuasive
Legitimately Reasonably, seriously
To be committed to one’s goals Be faithful to your goals
To be successful in something To be successful in something
To boost willpower To strengthen willpower
To express regrets Express regret
To express one’s true self Reveal your true «I»
To fulfill Execute, execute
To have a goal Have a goal
To have the courage Have courage
To lead / live a life true to one’s dreams Being true to the dream
To make a habit of Become a habit
To prove Proving
To provoke powerful, positive emotions Evokes strong positive emotions
To tackle tough challenges Coping with serious difficulties
To take advantage of Use a chance
To unleash one’s best qualities Wink best quality
A scientifically validated way Scientific proven method
Dramatic boosts in mood A significant improvement in mood
Genie’s wishes Desire for genie
Incredibly powerful relationship-management tool Incredibly powerful tool for relationship management
On the deathbed On his deathbed

The best!

Let’s talk about the application As Jane says, SB is designed to help you achieve your goals by increasing personal resilience (here«fortitude»). Resilience, in this case, means the ability to stay positive, curious and motivated, even in extremely difficult situations.

There are four types of «resistance»: physical (ability to handle stress and the body’s ability to restore), mental (concentration, determination and perseverance), emotional (ability to remain positive in those moments when it is most needed) and social (support of family and friends, which makes We strongly).

Sign up on the SB absolutely free. The site is equipped with a nice interface and video explanations of the familiar Jane to each section. The application is based on a fairly interesting research, which can be found on the same site.

First we choose, what we need to be better (I’m getting superbetter at) and for what purpose (so I can). My first goal was to raise the motivation to learn German.

On the SB no one sits under the present name. All selected his secret identity (secret identity). Usually it is a person, who by their actions and way of life motivates us to the accomplishment of great things. For those who teach the language, it could be Kato Lomb, the Hungarian translator, who controlled 16 languages. Just a few years before his death this remarkable woman began to learn Hebrew. But she died at the age of 90 years, keep a clear mind.

  • Read more about Kato Lomb and her method of learning languages, read the blog of our school in the article «How easy to learn English: polyglot advice Kato Lomb».

Thus, the objectives are defined, the person selected. We start working on them. Every day, you can perform tasks from the to-do-list («to-do list»).

I’ll tell you more. The first graph is Activate power-ups («Activate bonus»). Bonus — it’s fast and relatively simple action that helps us become stronger and feel better. In addition, each of them helps us to improve the stability of a certain type. There is a set of standard bonuses — a glass of water, to write another, as you appreciate, embrace the beloved cat, but you can create and own. For example, to learn one new word. You do remember how to learn new words? I created a set of their bonuses for learning a foreign language.

In order to get the most out of this app, the creators are advised to do the three power-ups a day.

Also, each day you need to win one «enemy» (Battle bad guys). «Enemies» we call any obstacles on the way to achieving the goals. The point is not to avoid them or pretend they do not exist, but rather, to calculate and to overcome. The site has a number of standard, such as «sticky chair», which prevents us to get up and do chores, or «self-criticism», which is very often completely unjustified.

When we teach English, are such «enemies» as The I’m-not-ready Guy («I’m not ready») and The Dedicated Student («dedicated students»). The first means that we should not neglect the practice, especially spoken, even if you are a beginner. I do not think — that I reach this level, and then begin to write and talk. A «Student» — is the person who paid the teacher and decided that now can do nothing on their own.

There on the site and other interesting categories. In the Complete today’s quests («Follow today’s task»), you can create your own goal. If your main dream «to reach level A2 in English», it can be divided into several mini-quests or objectives. There is no standard set of tasks, because all quite individual. But you can always podglyanut over what quests are created by other users of the application. The site is a forum for communication and inspiration. This is another opportunity to practice written English.

Whatever we do, it is very important to rest. In the Future Boosts («Future incentives») are writing the events that are planned for the coming days, weeks. They need not be associated with our goals, but it is something that helps us to rebuild energy reserves and gives strength to move forward. This could be a meeting with a friend who you have not seen, a trip to another country, going to the movies or just the output, which you can catch up on sleep.

Now you know my way of increasing motivation and self-improvement. I hope this article will give you strength and help cope with the difficulties that hinder turn learning English into the habit. We are all different. You may fit the same methods of language learning that I do. Try it! All of a sudden be able to develop interesting new habit or get rid of the old one. After all, the most important victory in my life — on themselves. Do you agree? And that helps you motivate yourself? Be sure to write to me in the comments. I will be glad to answer any questions or hear your story.



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