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How to make a compliment in English

Men and women are among the most interesting and talked about all over the world, a great many treatises and books devoted to how to woo the opposite sex. But we will not go into such serious and we believe that one mechanism unsolvable questions. Talk about pleasant: how to draw a smile on the face of the passing girls like to express my sympathy has long been popular with the lady, how to make a man’s heart melt, namely the compliments that are used in English. By the way, the British are among the most polite people on the planet.

The most pleasant and beautiful word in any language — it’s a compliment.

Types of compliments in English depending on the situation

Keep in mind some of the nuances, so that you can make a nice object of sympathy and, most importantly, relevant compliment. At first glance, it is absolutely easy to do, however you will need a bit of intuition and ingenuity. So, depending on how dedicated you compliment a man or woman of whether gender makes a compliment (complimenter) and gets it (complimentee), a compliment if this unfamiliar person or, on the contrary, a close business partner in the working atmosphere or a compliment when communicating informal atmosphere, will use different vocabulary. For example, in a relaxed and friendly conversation can easily say: «I like your shoes» or «Your new haircut is great». Conversely, in a strict, formal setting is appropriate to use a more restrained compliments directly related to work, such as «Nice job!» Or «Well done!».

Also has the meaning compliment what we want to do: the appearance, alongside (appearance, attire), the nature or quality of the person (character, personality), any human ability (abilities, traits, performance), property (possessions), it can be express their feelings in relation to a particular person (emotions, feelings), or it could just be an act of courtesy (politeness).

If you come to someone for a visit, you can make things a compliment that man possesses, abstract: «You have a beautiful home» or, more specifically: «I love this chandelier!».

Compliment business partner made ​​in the course of the business talks will be considered as a formal (formal). Even in the workplace compliments can not be redundant. If your partner has done his job well, why do not you just tell him? The compliment made ​​by you for a romantic dinner, a stunning girl sitting on the contrary, will be informal (informal).

Words compliments for men and women differ. So, using an inappropriate compliment, not only can be misunderstood, but also get a slap in the face. For example, the word handsome, which means «handsome» is used exclusively for men.

Since instituted, that men are much less likely to have to make compliments, but it does not mean that these gestures liking them trouble. Men should be commended for the strength (strength): «You are so strong (fearless, powerful)», for the mind (intelligence): «You are very smart (intelligent)», «You are such a gentleman», and of course, for appearance (appearance): «You are handsome (seductive)» or «This suite looks stunning». That is, the emphasis should always be on his manhood (manhood).

Given the politeness of Englishmen, who are very fond of paying compliments in conversation with anyone, it could be something unobtrusive, for example: «You do not look your age at all», «I admire your ability to do something» or «Youre great at doing something «,» It’s a pleasure to deal with you «.

As for the appearance of compliments, there need to be more inventive. For example, for dating women can use phrases such as: «Do angels use underground?» («Unless the angels are the subway?» — A hidden subtext, the girl is so beautiful that it was compared with the angel), «You’ve got devilishly beautiful smile «(you devilishly beautiful smile).

In 90% of cases the use of compliments in English, as in any other language in the phrase include «I love» or «I like» («I like»).

To learn how to make compliments and respond to them, you can see in the following video:


Reactions and responses to compliments in English

What can a person who has received a compliment? He can either accept and thank the interlocutor, and to refrain from any assessment itself. Thus, responses to compliments can be taken compliment acceptance, agree with him agreement, rejection and refusal to unconformity compliment disagreement. The response to a compliment to be surprised, for example:

— You look great today! — You look great today!
— Really? Just as always. — True? It seems, as usual.

If compliment regard to performing any work, the polite response would indicate and the efforts of other people who participated in it, for example:

— Well done! — Well done!
— Thank Stacy, she helped me a lot. — Thanks to Stacy. She helped me a lot.

Answer to the compliment can be a return compliment:

— I did not know that you are such a perfect driver! — I did not know you were so wonderful to drive a car!
— Oh, thanks, but I think you are better one. — Thank you, but I think you get better.

Of course, different cultures will have different reactions to those or other compliments. For example, American statistics show that women are more inclined to do (to pay compliments) and receive compliments (to receive compliments), than men.

Then listening to audio is offered, where you can watch people’s reactions to a variety of compliments.

What should I avoid making compliments in English

A compliment is one of the best means to receive the location of the people around them. Casually tossed a compliment can be a great start to any conversation, you should only find the object on which you want to focus.

Avoid compliments regarding the structure of the body (physical attributes), weight (weight), and so on. D. Even your words expressing the most pleasant contrast, can be interpreted wrongly, so be careful. Try complimenting mostly things and objects (inanimate), and you will definitely achieve his. However, remember that an integral part of every compliment is honesty (sincerity in giving compliments).

And of course, it should be remembered that a compliment — a manifestation of attention and sympathy for the man. You should always know when to stop, otherwise you may seem intrusive, and your compliments are not sincere will sound.

Summarizing the above, we propose the following exercise, which is necessary to determine what is suitable compliment to the situation.



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