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How to learn English in 2 days

Increasingly, the Internet I come across tempting offers English language. Catchy and bright advertisements offering intensive courses, we learn English over the summer, 30 days, with the help of hypnosis, or in a dream. Perhaps you have met express courses and webinars that are open to us the mystery of studying 1,000 words in two hours and help to understand the grammar half for 69 minutes. And learn to speak fluently with foreigners for 3 days, we can according to the procedures geniuses polyglot and experienced spies. In his video, I tried to analyze the different courses for accelerated learning English and is now ready to present to you my vision of how to learn English quickly and effectively!

We hope you appreciate our video on the dignity and do not take it too personally. However, keep in mind that in every joke there is some joke! 🙂



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