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How to learn a foreign language

That universal tips that will form a common understanding of how to teach the language to achieve excellent results.

  1. Spend more time with the language
    The most important factor is the degree of immersion in the language. The more time you spend with the language, the faster you learn. This means you either have to read (reading), or write (writing), or listen to (listening), or to say (speaking), or to learn words and phrases (learning words and phrases) in a foreign language. And it does not mean sitting in class and look out the window or listening to the other students, who do not yet know how to speak or listen to explanations of grammar in their own language. It means «included» in the target language.
  2. Listen and read every day
    Load the player speech patterns and listen to them, as soon as possible. If you’re just starting to learn the language, read the eyes that are listening (you can use audio books or modern textbooks, the end of which there tapescrips). Listening and reading, you’ll get used to the language. The hour reading and listening sessions is equivalent to several hours of classroom.
  3. Pay particular attention to the words and phrases
    Vocabulary (vocabulary) — one of the two aspects of the language, without which you can never say (second — grammar). Pay attention to new words and use them in a sentence. Write out and memorize it together with the neighboring words (collocations). If you are reading on your computer, make a list of words in Word or Notepad. Do not worry if you can not yet speak fluent and write, spend time on the selection of the word — this is normal. But you have already begun to expand your vocabulary.
  4. Take responsibility for learning the language
    If you do not want to learn the language, you have it and do not learn. If you want to — monitor the process. Select the area of ​​interest in which you understand or want to understand. Look for words that will help you listen and read. Do not wait for someone else to teach you the language. Explore the language themselves, speak and write on it if you want. The teacher does not teach you fluent speech, to achieve this only you can.
  5. Enjoy the study of language
    Do not worry about what you could and what could not remember. It does not matter. You are learning and doing self-development. The language will gradually become clearer, but you can not control this process. Just sit back and enjoy. But be aware that produces the right amount of tongue. Then your attitude will be positive to the study, which has a positive impact on the result, and you will quickly achieve success in learning!



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