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How to get rid of your accent?

Where does the focus, and it is difficult to get rid of it? Yes, in fact, completely rebuilt at a different pronunciation easy. That’s because every sound of any language in the world has its own characteristics of articulation, are not peculiar to the sounds of other languages. For example, take an English sound [p], if it is different from the Russian [n]? Of course! Everyone who worked on his English pronunciation know Peter! What Peter? That very Peter, who ricked a peck of pickled peppers! Patter of Peter Piper to practice English [p] — the most famous tongue twister in the world:

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,
A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked;
If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,
Where’s the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?

The fact that the sound [p] in English is pronounced with aspiration (aspiration), it is explosive, that is, when articulation lips produce small cotton. If the Englishman read the tongue-twister, holding around his lips a thin sheet of paper, then after every [p] is a little piece of sway. You can also check you have the correct pronunciation of the tongue twisters using thin sheet of paper.

See how wonderful this patter falls on the music, and repeat.

As mentioned above, the differences between the English and Russian pronunciation is not limited to only certain features of the articulation of sounds. All sounds are pronounced differently! Moreover, for each language there is unique to him basis of articulation. What it is? Imagine that you are going to say something, that you came up with some thought and you typed air into the lungs to her voice. What’s going on with your lips and tongue in those few seconds? It is unlikely that you mention it once thought, meanwhile, in such moments you slightly opens her mouth, your lips are relaxed, your tongue, too relaxed, it is flat, and the tip lightly touches the lower teeth. If he is going to speak, whose native language — English, his mouth slightly ajar, too, but his lips, unlike yours, is much tensed and form something like a smile, opening the lower teeth. His tongue is not relaxed like yours, and tense, several assembled and compressed and elevated, so that its tip concerns the alveoli (hillocks around the upper teeth). In order to show clearly how this happens, I put in an article interview with Keira Knightley (Keira Knightely). Look at it, please. Pay attention to the movement of her lips, you can even turn off the sound — we now matter what she says, but it is important, she says.

Thus, there is little to learn to pronounce every single sound — to get rid of an accent, it is necessary to make their speech organs work differently! It is a very long and laborious work on pronunciation. If you started this job, and really changing your focus, you will feel some discomfort, fatigue caused by certain facial muscles, throat or tongue. So for the Russian people to keep lips in suspense, creating a smile peculiar to the English language, is very unusual. If you start to do it and will often train, then after a while you feel tired facial muscles, which in Russian is much less involved in speech and work mainly when we smile.

Articulating base includes not only the movement of the speech organs in the pronunciation of each individual sound, but also stress, rhythm, intonation color of a particular language. So intonation peculiar Russian language more monotonous compared to the English. So when we hear talk Englishman or American studying the Russian language, we often have the impression that they speak too much excitement and enthusiasm about the most trivial things, and it brings a smile. They, on the contrary, when they hear our English, it may seem that we are too restrained or enslaved, perhaps even uninterested in the conversation.

I think many people might ask: «If the change of emphasis such hard work, it is worth it at all to do?» Definitely worth it! The fact is that some people can achieve phenomenal results just «playing the fool». Under this «monkey business» I mean imitation of their favorite characters from movies, cartoons, news broadcasters the BBC, or your favorite showmen. When selecting objects you can emulate only limit is your imagination and perhaps the complexity of the task. Obviously, it is not necessary to begin with imitation speakers at an early stage, better pay attention to the phrases from commercials and songs, try to convey the exact intonation of audio recordings in your textbook. Very often it is the most efficient! If you have had to learn the language of good musical ear and observation, the positive effects of these activities can occur very quickly.

Furthermore, the ability to imitate the sounds of a foreign language, understanding of their pronunciation, is a necessary skill for improving your perception of foreign speech at the hearing. If you read with interest, and is in correspondence, but speaking at the same time remains for you it is not always clear, this is a consequence of the lack of practical work on pronunciation and auditory perception.

Imitating the sounds of foreign languages, the study of foreign speech melody — an exciting experience! It can open a new world, significantly extend the range of your perception when you suddenly realize that the sounds of human language is much more than you thought before.

Accents — it’s very interesting, which is why they are a favorite topic of all the actors and entertainers. See how Elon Gold (Elon Gold) talks about how Americans perceive a British accent, surprised that some British accents sound [t] pronounce very clearly, while others almost disappear. Perfectly manage and comedian imitating Russian accent! At the end portion of irony goes to the Germans.

And finally I would like to please you with another entertaining video. This is an excerpt from the TV series «Friends», where one of the protagonists, the American Ross tries to give a lecture with a British accent, believing that it would help him get a job at a British university.

Remember, pronunciation — this is the area where training and practice are closely linked to the ability to engage themselves in the fun! Be creative, do not be afraid to try and experiment, but in this case, the positive results will not keep you waiting.



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