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How to describe your home in English

Why is it important to know the name of household goods? Firstly, the study of these words will increase your vocabulary. Secondly, interior — is something with which we have to face every day. Whether hiking in the furniture store, a description of their dream home or find an English-speaking friend of bath accessories in the department of the supermarket.

I’ll give you an example of a comic incident that happened to me a few years ago. I was visiting friends in England, it was my first visit to them. One day at dinner, raised the issue of the national cuisine. I tried traditional English dishes, and the host family did not Ukrainian tasted. It was decided the next day to prepare dinner together in the large kitchen. Deeply confident that know the names of kitchen utensils I do not need, I successfully skip this section vocabulary in his student years. And here it began the most interesting: a stranger in the vast kitchen, where everything is hidden on the locker, I could not say that I need a grater, cutting board and ladle. The explanation on the fingers saved the situation, but on returning home the first thing I learned vocabulary related to the subject of the interior, which you now propose.

Living room

Let’s «walk» through the rooms. Let’s start with the living room (living room) — a place where we watch TV, read a book or receive guests.

Living Room
1 Coffee table Coffee table
2 Rug Rug
3 Floor Paul
4 Armchair Armchair
5 End table Side table
6 Lamp Lamp
7 Lampshade Lampshade
8 Window Window
9 Curtains Hangings
10 Sofa / couch Sofa / couch
11 Throw pillow Cushion
12 Ceiling Ceiling
13 Wall Walls
14 Wall unit / entertainment unit Furniture wall
15 Television TV
16 DVD player DVD player
17 Stereo system Stereo
18 Speaker Column
19 Loveseat Double bed
20 Plant Herb
21 Painting Picture
22 Frame Frame
23 Mantel Mantelpiece
24 Fireplace Fireplace
25 Fireplace screen Protective screen for fireplaces
26 Picture / photograph Photograph
27 Bookcase Bookcase

Dining room

What could be better than a private dinner in the cozy dining room (dining room)? Let’s see how called home furnishings in this room.

Dining Room
1 Dining room table Dinner table
2 Dining room chair Dining chair
3 China cabinet Glazed buffet
4 China Porcelain
5 Chandelier / ˌʃændəlɪə (r) / Luster
6 Buffet Sideboard
7 Salad bowl Salad-bowl
8 Pitcher Pitcher
9 Serving bowl Serving bowl
10 Serving platter Big dish snack
11 Tablecloth Tablecloth
12 Candlestick Candlestick
13 Candle Candle
14 Centerpiece Vase of Flowers, which is placed on the middle of the table
15 Salt shaker Salt shaker on top
16 Pepper shaker Pepper with holes on top
17 Butter dish Oiler
18 Serving cart Serving trolley
19 Teapot Tea infuser
20 Coffee pot Coffee
21 Creamer Jug of cream
22 Sugar bowl Sugar-bowl


The dream, of course, important. The English have a saying Sleep brings counsel (Sleep on it). The most pleasant place to relax in the house — a bedroom (the bedroom). I propose to consider what pieces of furniture in the bedroom.

1 Bed Bed
2 Headboard Headboard
3 Pillow Cushion
4 Pillow case Pillowslip
5 Fitted sheet Tension sheet
6 Flat sheet The sheet under the blanket
7 Blanket Blanket
8 Electric blanket Electric blanket
9 Dust ruffle The skirt for the bed
10 Bedspread Easy bedspread
11 Comforter / quilt Comforter
12 Footboard The base of the bed
13 Blinds Shutters
14 Night table / nightstand Bedside table
15 Alarm clock Alarm clock
16 Clock radio Clock radio
17 Chest of drawers Chest
18 Mirror Mirror
19 Jewellery box Jewelry box
20 Dresser / bureau Dressers


Where are toothbrushes, towels and cosmetics? Of course, in the bathroom (the bathroom)! Let’s go there.

1 Plunger Plunger
2 Toilet Toilet
3 Toilet tank Toilet tank
4 Toilet seat Sitting on the toilet
5 Air freshener Air freshener
6 Toilet paper holder Toilet paper holder
7 Toilet paper Toilet paper
8 Toilet brush Toilet brush
9 Towel rack Towel hanger
10 Bath towel Bath towel
11 Hand towel Hand towel
12 Washcloth / facecloth Face towel
13 Hamper Wicker basket for dirty clothes
14 Bathroom scales Scales in the bathroom
15 Shelf Shelf
16 Hair dryer Hairdryer
17 Fan Venting
18 Mirror Mirror
19 Medicine cabinet / medicine chest Locker with medicines
20 Bathroom sink Handbasin
21 Hot water faucet Hot water tap
22 Cold water faucet Cold tap water
23 Cup Glass
24 Toothbrush Brush tool
25 Toothbrush holder Holder for toothbrushes
26 Soap Soap
27 Soap dish Soap
28 Soap dispenser Soap dispenser
29 Water Pik * Irrigator
thirty Vanity Pier-glass
31 Wastebasket Trash can
32 Shower Shower
33 Shower curtain rod The bar for the curtain in the shower
34 Shower head Shower head
35 Shower curtain rings Rings for curtains in the shower
36 Shower curtain Curtain in the shower
37 Bathroom / tub Bathtub
38 Drain The hole for draining
39 Rubber mat Rubber mat
40 Sponge Wisp
41 Bath mat / bath rug Bath mat

* Water pik term requires a separate explanation. Irrigator is a device for cleaning interdental spaces by a trickle of water which is supplied under pressure.


Now we head to the «holy of holies,» each family — the kitchen (kitchen room). Why are there only! Weight of items that we use every day. So, let’s begin:

1 Dishwasher Dishwasher
2 Dishwasher detergent Dishwashing detergent in the dishwasher
3 Dishwashing liquid Dishwashing liquid
4 Faucet Faucet
5 Kitchen sink Kitchen sink
6 Garbage disposal Recovery of waste
7 Sponge Sponge
8 Scouring pad Hard sponge
9 Pot scrubber Scraper pans
10 Dish rack Cupboards
11 Paper towel holder Holder for paper towels
12 Dish towel Kitchen towel
13 Trash compactor Press waste
14 Cabinet Wall cabinet
15 Microwave oven Microwave
16 Kitchen counter The working surface in the kitchen
17 Cutting board Cutting board
18 Canister A small tin box
19 Stove / range Stove
20 Burner Burner
21 Oven Oven
22 Potholder Potholder
23 Toaster Toaster
24 Spice rack Set for seasoning
25 Electric can opener Electric opener
26 Cookbook Cookbook
27 Refrigerator (fridge) Fridge
28 Freezer Freezer
29 Ice maker Ice Machine
thirty Ice tray Ice trays
31 Refrigerator magnet Fridge Magnet
32 Kitchen table Kitchen table
33 Placemat Litter-napkin under the plate
34 Kitchen chair Kitchen chairs
35 Garbage pail Bins

Learning Words

Above presented a lot of new vocabulary, but remember it? Perhaps you’ve seen in the apartments of people learning a foreign language, sticky stickers on every subject related to the name of the subject in a foreign language. Why not do that in your own apartment? This will help you and your family is easy to remember the words necessary for everyday communication, involuntarily paying attention to them every day.
Other non-intrusive way of memorizing words after acquaintance with them — repeating at objects around you. Go through the house, calling all that occurs, and what you remember. Those words that I can not remember, you need to repeat it. Not every house is so full of a variety of home furnishings and appliances. Will be useful hiking in the furniture store or a trip to IKEA: walking from department to department, call it whatever you see in English. Here there is something for sure is where the train!

Note that in the description of the room and the story of the location of objects is always used the turnover there is / there are.

  • More about it read the article «The turnover there + be (there is / there are)»

Now let’s do the exercise to consolidate the reading material.



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