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How to choose the hotel in English. Places to stay when you travel

When planning a travel range of accommodation (accommodation), it is undoubtedly very important. Fortunately, the choice is great, and it’s not limited to hotels, especially if you are traveling abroad (travel abroad). Let’s look at what types of housing are available for a comfortable holiday.

These mysterious letters B & B

In windows or fence of some houses you can see the sign B & B (Bed and Breakfast). This concept was originally started to use in the monasteries (monastery), when given the weary traveler Bed and Breakfast. Originally, this type of housing in England, Scotland and Ireland, then the term is widely used in Europe, and later in the United States. The hosts, who possessed a spare room, handed them to travelers, thereby earning a little money on the maintenance of the house. So it happens in our days. B & B — a family hotel with minimum services but warm family relationships.

Incidentally, the symbol & that is found in the title of B & B, called the ampersand (ampersand). Previously, he was in the English alphabet, meant the word «and», but at this time the letter is not considered.

Guest house. Guest house

This type of housing found in rural areas (countryside) or in secluded places (remote places). It is a big house, garden, kitchen garden, scenic landscapes, household. Babies have something to do here, and adults have to look at, especially if people are tired of the city hustle and bustle of large hotels. Part of the house, occupied by the owners, available for guests. Distinguished guest house (guest house) of the B & B over a wide range of services offered.

Villas and homes. Villas and Private homes

Villas and homes — is the type of accommodation where you can live independently. There are all conditions: equipped kitchen, laundry, swimming pool, but also take care of all of this must be itself. But what a happy hunting ground! The owner or broker of such housing — is not the manager of the hotel, so the accommodation depends on how much we can agree with him, but also contentious issues, of course, there may be more than if staying in a hotel.

Hostel. Hostel or backpacker hotel

Many have long known the word «hostel» as a kind of low-cost housing, calculated as a rule, young people. Bedrooms are designed for 4-10 guests, but also found in hostels and cozy single and double rooms with private bathroom. Most hostels are located in the city center, the price is low, so it is a good alternative to hotels.

Caravan and camping. Caravan and Campsite

This relatively new form of tourism, which appeared in the twentieth century, is considered to be the type of recreational activities (recreational activity). People who do this are called campers (tourist, who lives in a tent or caravan). Arranged such parking or camping sites in scenic locations (picturesque sites) away from the city. Also places for tent / car parking offered conditions for a shower / kitchen, electricity and sometimes entertainment (festivals, competitions).

Hotels. Hotels

Hotels are familiar to many, but not many are familiar accent in the word hotel. Still on the first or second syllable? The famous Eagles song many knocks, it is important to remember that the right accent on the second syllable / həʊtel /. You can click on the word hotel twice in the lower right corner to listen to the pronunciation of the word.

Large hotels like the separate living city with a good location, a wide choice of services and different levels of service depending on the class of the hotel. It is difficult to find a personal and «spiritual» service, but the reception is open around the clock, the staff speaks several languages, has a bar, a restaurant, part of the fun at the hotel.

Besides the standard of hotels there are now many different exotic hotels, such as the popular Japanese capsule hotels (capsule hotels). Room is a capsule (sleeping cell), the capsules are arranged one above the other.

Hotel vocabulary

After reviewing the types of property and choosing the right, to be booking procedure. As a rule, this can be done directly on the hotel website / camping reservation services via, for example,, either through a travel agency. Suppose you book accommodation on the site of the hotel. Make it pretty easy, you need to fill out basic information about themselves and details of accommodation. The following phrases will help you to easily handle it:

  • Check-in Date — the date of settlement.
  • Check-out Date — the date of departure.
  • Guests (adults, children) — the number of guests (adults and children).
  • Price (budget, economy, moderate, deluxe, premium) — Price range (budget, economy class, average, superior, elite).
  • Star Rating — star rating system.
  • First name — name.
  • Last name — last name.
  • Email address — an email address.
  • Estimated time of arrival — an estimated time of arrival.
  • Special requests — requests.
  • Bank card details — information on the bank card.

Wherever you stop, always be the registration procedure, and after — departure. I propose to view a video about how to check-in.

The principal useful words and phrases from the video:

Reservation Reservations
Reservation number Booking code
A single-room Single Room
Hotel reservation service Hotel Booking System
Travel agent Travel agent
Deposit Deposit
Glitch Malfunction
Booking system Booking System
Business suite Room Business Suite
Extra charge Additional fee
Access code Access code
Hotel amenities Hotel Facilities
Valet Valet
Parking pass Voucher parking
ID Identity documents
Elevator Elevator
Bellboy Bellhop
Available Available (here: free)
Smooth (flight) Good Luck (flight)
To book Book
To pay To pay
To upgrade Improving quality (here: to give the room a class above)
To charge Charge
To fill up Stuffing
To dial Dial phone

Procedure departure (check-out) is always shorter and faster than the settlement procedure (check-in). I propose to consider the following dialogue, which demonstrates this:

— Hello, what’s the hotel’s check-out time?
— It is 12:00.
— Well, then I would like to check out now.
— Yes, certainly. What is your room number?
— I stayed at room 336.
— Mr Fedorov?
— Yes, that is me.
— You stayed for 3 nights with us. You have to pay 400 dollars. Would you like to pay by credit card or in cash?
— Credit card, please.
— Sure. Could you enter your PIN?
— That’s all right. Here is your card. Have a nice day!
— Thank you. You too.
— Hello, what the estimated time at the hotel?
— 12 hours.
— Well, then I would like to move out today.
— Yes of course. What room are you living?
— I’m out of room 336.
— Mr. Fedorov?
— Yeah, right.
— You stayed in the hotel for 3 nights. You must pay $ 400. Would you like to pay by card or cash?
— Card.
— Of course. Please enter, PIN code.
— All right. Here’s your card. We wish you a good day!
— Thank you. Same to you.

Oliver Goldsmith, British writer said that «Life is a journey that must be traveled no matter how bad the roads and accommodation are» («Life — a journey that will have to go, no matter how bad roads and housing»). Going abroad, you know how important knowledge of a foreign language. I hope my article will help you with the decision of language issues at settlement. I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable journeys overnight, no matter where you stay!



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