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How not to forget the English during the holidays

In training there is a special term summer slide — «Summer descent», which means «loss» of knowledge during the summer holidays. Usually this phrase describes what happens with students during the summer. But we can borrow the phrase for English language learners. Imagine that during training you long and hard to climb on the water slides. In the summer you relax on vacation, or simply take a break in classes. This stop in learning English is like a dashing descent from the hill — nice, but you’re back at the bottom! Clearly, is not it? I think many would agree that the climb up the hill is laziness. Maybe some of you have even visited the seditious thought: «Why then do learn English, if I still forget everything?» Calmness, only calmness! Regardless of the duration of the holiday, your knowledge will remain with you. Although, of course, without regular training information over time will begin to withdraw from the active to the passive memory. There are some simple truths that have to take anyone who is serious about learning the language, regardless of the ultimate goals: learning the language — it’s not the way from point A to point B is a fascinating journey of life.

No, I do not mean that now the rest of your life you have to devote to tutoring. A competent teacher only helps you equip and suggest the right way. English should become a useful habit, if you do not want to «lose». Like any other skill, the language takes practice. It’s very simple: if you want to have a beautiful tightened figure and good health, sport and proper nutrition should become a way of life. But there is good news as well as in sport, some time after diligent training your body is in good shape, so your memory will be «in good shape». Classes are not in any case will go to waste.

Each student is lazy. A student on vacation …

This means that we must say ‘no’ thick textbooks «Murphy» in the suitcase. You do not open them (except for once, and to clear my conscience), that is to say «no» serious purpose. «Yes,» a creative, fun and easy ways of repetition! Let’s return to the sport (sore subject! :-)). On vacation you enough times to compensate for the lack of serious training in small or light jogs charging. Also, with the English — repeat material covered in a relaxed mode, or learn new information sparingly.

Now that the revolutionary idea to drop out have not visited your head, move on to practical advice!


I beg you, just without the Dickens! Read on vacation should be feasible and enjoyable. Select modern books, because reading the classics is much more difficult. Stop the choice on the book that you had once read in Russian. If your level is lower than Intermediate, give preference to literary adaptation that corresponds to your level. As we have agreed, we do not use super-purposes, so choose a book to the level below. In this case, the reading of the stick will turn into a carrot: you will see and feel how much you already know! A good alternative would be for the rest of the newspaper, magazines, social networks, blogs in a foreign language.

  • I offer you a few tips on how to read can help you loosen up «How to improve spoken English: 10 exercises for those who love to read.»


According to numerous studies, the average person can remember 8-12 words per day in a foreign language. But the man in the normal mode, and we have a vacation! Dramatically reducing the number to 2-5 sentences per day. As the saying goes, less is better, but the best (and every day)!

There are two options available for the holiday: the repetition of the words that you were before, and the new study. Why not take a dictionary where you write all the words during the training? You have as much free time, which is so lacking in operation.

If you still aim to expand their knowledge, excellent solution for you would be the service PhraseMix. Every day there are published two new phrases from real spoken English. Each phrase is accompanied by a thematic picture and examples, so that to understand the meaning of expressions is not difficult. The resource is very visual, intuitive, and most importantly — fun. Learn two sentences a day is a snap! So, playfully, one month vacation can be significantly tighten their vocabulary.

  • We have indicated why it’s important to expand your vocabulary and shared practical advice in the article «How to increase the vocabulary of the English language by reading.»


I think that you often listen to and learn modern songs. Download them to your player and sing along to your heart’s content. You can download your favorite songs, print lyrics and arrange karaoke. It develops and fluency and pronunciation, and a general understanding of the structures of the English language.

If your choice of audiobooks or podcasts, the most important to enjoy the process. Of course, to understand all unreal. Focus on key words, the general idea of ​​the audio, try to guess. Our brain is «programmed» to study a foreign language. Just listen: the more you practice, the more likely you will notice positive results. This, incidentally, applies to all skills!

  • Develop listening skills hardest, so I advise you bookmark the site from the article «5 sites for English language learning: improving listening comprehension.»

Speaking practice

If you go abroad, then God himself commanded to practice their skills on others! Opportunities will be provided a lot: at the airport, check-in hotel, restaurant and cafe. Try to use English even if the hotel has a Russian-speaking staff. Many hotels also entertain the travelers using their animators. Choose interesting for you to do, but the animator has to speak in English! It can be learned aqua aerobics or belly dancing, contests.

If you talk with someone desperately and you spend your holidays at home, that’s no reason to give up! Say to yourself, this is useful! And the clever interlocutor does not need to look. Imagine that you are talking to someone about their lives, share experiences or simply try to describe the space around them.

It is also possible to record on tape. A useful exercise is a monologue on the topic for one minute (three to five). For example, the theme of «Family.» Repeat pre words related to the topic. Elementary level students can try to talk for a minute about your family. Within three minutes you can tell us about the family details, like any man who gets along with anyone, any family customs. In five minutes you can discuss about the typical English / Spanish / Turkish family, compared with Russian traditions. By the way, create records and store them and share them with friends can be using the site SoundCloud. Foreigners are very popular this site for practicing pronunciation. They enthusiastically share recordings, listen to each other’s comments.

  • To overcome the language barrier can be difficult, so we have gathered useful tips to «talk» in the article «Top 13 Tips: How to learn to speak English quickly and competently.»


Maybe this is the moment when it’s time to make your own travel blog? Or at least a diary, if you do not like publicity. Describes his adventures, new places, experience. At the time, I was so great to improve my English. No matter what their texts read without laughter is impossible, but with each page to express thoughts and formulate proposals becoming easier and easier.

If you have foreign friends, please contact e-mail about how the holidays! Share photos and impressions on the page to Facebook.

If you do not want to write about myself, find pictures on the Internet and describes them. This can be done both verbally and in writing — will benefit in any case!

  • Do not forget about the development of writing skills. This will help the article «How to learn to write in English competently.»

Video and interactive applications

On vacation, I would not advise to get involved in feature films or soap operas (that even drug worse than seeds!) When I have time, see something small: overview videos, video podcasts, English lessons on Youtube, videos of your favorite songs, cartoons. The site FluentU you will find many fascinating short video.

Good help will be all kinds of applications for mobile phones: as special to learn English, and entertainment, but released in English. Games, puzzles, crosswords, quizzes — all that will be enjoyed!

  • I offer you a collection of useful applications in the article «28 best apps to learn English on Android and iPhone».

Computer games, by the way, are thriving. The game «Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban» has helped me in high school, and now I’m in the same way his Spanish grind, playing sometimes in «Prince of Persia».

So, to sum up the results. Not to complain about how difficult it was to talk to you after the break, make English your hobby. Summer practice should not be too tedious and serious — give preference to light gaming options. Do not hold all the ways listed in the article is not to burden themselves too much. Simply select 1-2 ways that are both interesting and, and not burdensome. In the meantime, I wish a pleasant vacation! See you in class!



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