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How many words in the English language

When learning any language, including English, the lion’s share is devoted to the process of memorizing vocabulary. Increasing your level of proficiency, we try to expand our vocabulary as efficiently as possible. Then skillfully combining the necessary words with certain rules, we begin to speak in English and understand the English language, both oral and written. Only here’s the catch: almost everyone who studies English, ask questions, and how many words in the English language, and a number of them need to know to make free use of English in real life? Let’s look at what people think about this linguists.

How many words in the English language?

The unequivocal answer to this question does not exist, as there is no uniform system of counting the words in the English language. Someone thinks it should be considered only words without taking into account their word forms. And someone on the contrary counts all along, given the slang, terms, specialized vocabulary. However, we will rely on information provided by a specific organization based in Texas, USA.

We are talking about the company «Global Language Monitor» (GLM), which monitors and records the distribution of words in the English language around the world. This operates the organization began seven years ago. GLM allows for words listed in the common English Dictionary (Oxford English Dictionary, Merriam-Webster’s, Macquarie’s), calculates the new language of education in the print and electronic media, scientific literature, blogs, in social networks.

So how many words in the English language at the moment? According to GLM, English is now 1 million has 4910 words. And according to statistics, a new word in the English language comes every 98 minutes (day 14.7 words). But the million mark was crossed on June 10 last year in 10.22, when the company recorded another new word Web 2.0, indicating a new generation of world-wide computer network.

If you are interested in the activities of the company «Global Language Monitor», you can watch its progress, add to your page in social networks, for this you will need the following link: If your level of English is high enough, you can watch a video interview at the BBC takes a leading linguist Professor David Crystal. In fact, a very interesting video about why English is so calm and just borrow words from different languages, as well as to easily create their own. The video and information about millions of words, his five predecessors, and a follower (the truth, it’s all in English) can be seen on the same resource, only under a different reference: -announced.

Now we know the answer to the question, how many words in the English language. By the way, to be fixed and get the status of «new» words, he has to start pomelkat in the media and social networks at least 25 thousand times. That is, the path is not easy, but the reward is worth it — the opportunity to be listed in the vocabulary of the English language!

Words, then certainly more than a million. It is clear that all of them do not know no one will ever be. How to determine how many words in the English language, you must learn to hold it bearable? According to estimates linguists srednestaticheskogo man enough to operate in 1500 most common words in order to communicate in everyday life. They are, in theory, should provide almost 100% of the normal perception of speech. If we talk about reading in English, for the reading comprehension will need another figure — 3000-4000 words. But it will require written five thousand more words. In general, an active vocabulary of an educated person is between 10 and 20 thousand words. In the liabilities it may be two or even three times as much. The face of 70 000 words a person can be called the «linguistically gifted.»

In any case, you need not only to expand the vocabulary, but to do it efficiently. In this case the working principle of «less is more». You will be much easier if you know a few hundred of the most common words than a couple thousand of those who rarely used. However, no matter how hard you do not learn, English is living with us and grow with us. You will always be words that will appear again and again. How many words in the English language? Each time the figure will change. Make an issue out of this is not necessary, but also to monitor the linguistic innovations can be very helpful. Be of good cheer!



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