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How have other word «first aid» in English

What does friendship mean for each of us? I think everyone puts into this word meaningful. Time passes, everything in life is changing, and our best friends are always an integral part of our lives. They have throughout understand, know when it is better to remain silent and know how at the right time for the right words. They say that the best friend is someone with whom you can sit on the porch, without a word, and then walk away with the feeling that it was the best conversation that ever had in your life. (The best kind of friend is the one you could sit on a porch with, never saying a word, and walk away feeling like that was the best conversation you’ve had). Indeed, the best friends (the best friends) are able to understand us perfectly (to take the hint), but what if it is a word you ever can support her best friend in a difficult moment (to stand by one’s best friend) and help him cope with the situation? Choose the right words sometimes becomes difficult, and even more so if your friend is absolutely not spoke in Russian, and express your feelings, you need English. In this article we will tell you about how to support each other in English, and which exist in the English expression, to encourage (encourage), console> (console) or express sympathy best friend (sympathize with the best friend).

Sometimes, to move on, to believe in yourself and your strength, your friend just need to feel your support and to hear words of encouragement.

Some useful phrases of encouragement
Good Good
Good for you! Good for you!
There is a good boy (girl)! That’s clever!
Come, come
Tut, tut
Well, well
Now, now
There, there
Oh well
Calm down
Fullness, completeness
Here … Come on …
Go your own way Keep up the good work
Cheer up!
Never say die!
Do not be upset!
Keep up your spirits!
Keep your chin up!
Make the best of it!
Do not lose hope!
Pluck up your courage Pull yourself together with the spirit
Pull yourself together Get a hold of yourself
Brace yourself! Pull yourself together!
There’s no harm done Nothing bad happened
I hope you will get on all right I hope you all will be well

Best friends are able to experience together with us the joy and sadness, they always made us understand and accept such as we are. We’ve learned that our friends play a big role in our lives, and sometimes do not notice that we are also affecting their lives. Friends need not only to share the happy moments and rejoice together, and to sympathize, empathize and support each other in difficult minute. «Words can kill, but you can resurrect» — popular wisdom, therefore, sympathize or comforting, it is very important to choose the right words.

Some useful phrases for comfort and sympathy
Things will come right
It will all come round
It will blow over
All will cost
Poor thing! Poor thing!
Alas! Alas!
Oh, it’s (that’s) too bad!
How awful!
How dreadful!
How awful!
What a shame!
What a pity!
What a pity!
I’m so sorry! (about) … How insulting! (what)…
I sympathize with you
I am feeling for you
I’m very sorry
I wish I could do something for you I would like to (-la) something for you to do
Could I help you in any way? Can I do anything to help you?
Take it easy Take it easy
Do not take it so much (close) to heart Do not take everything so seriously
Do not worry Do not worry
Now, steady on Easy, easy
There is no getting away from it From this will not go away
It can not be helped It’s nothing you can do
It might have been worse Could be worse
Hard (bad) luck! You were unlucky!
Better luck next time! The next time you’re lucky!
Let’s hope for the best Let us hope for the best
Things do happen You never can tell
You’ll get over it You experience it is
Never mind! Nothing! Do not pay attention!
Do not let that distress (upset) you Do not let it upset (upset)
Do not let that worry you Let that you do not care
Calm down Calm down
Everything will be just fine Everything will be fine
I’ll lend you a hand I will help you

English jurist and philosopher Francis Bacon once said, «True friendship multiplies the joy of two and divides grief in half» (True friendship multiplies the good in life and divides its evils). I hope that with the help of the above expressions, you can easily enjoy and share the grief with your friends in English.



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