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Housework makes me berserk: talking about household duties on English

Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing.

Doing chores around the house while your kids grow up, is like clean shoveling snow in the courtyard when the snow is not over yet.

Phyllis Diller

Probably each of us at the words «domestic duties» there are not the most pleasant associations. But the vocabulary on this subject you will still need. Otherwise, how do you adequately express in English their entire hate to wash the floor, washing and other domestic work, which willy-nilly have to do?

Housework translated into English as housework (not homework). But some people have a great aversion to the word «work» in any form, and they are trying to replace it in a speech to the household chores (domestic chores) or duties (household chores). In any case, no matter how we call it a process, not dishes will wash itself. From it and begin. More precisely with the household chores, which we are doing in the kitchen.

Kitchen. Kitchen

Kitchen (the kitchen) — a place where we cook (do the cooking), eat and wash the dishes. For the phrase «wash the dishes» in English have several options: do the washing up, wash the dishes, wash up, do the dishes, — visible, like the British to wash her. Well, when there is a dishwasher (dishwasher) — washing dishes take less time. By the way, did you know that it has invented a woman? Socialite Josephine Cochrane passion as she loved to take home the guests. At some point she was tired that during dishwashing servants regularly beat her pricey porcelain plates. And wash the dishes most ladies do not like. So she set about trying to rectify the situation.

After washing dishes it needs to be wiped dry with a towel (wipe dry with a towel) and put back in the closet (a cupboard). By the way, it would not hurt to bring in the order of the cabinet sort a cupboard. Then wash the stove and the oven from grease stains (clean the cooker and the oven from smears of grease). You can wipe the refrigerator with a cloth (clean the fridge with a cloth) from children’s fingerprints, the main thing — not to step on the cat, who always underfoot, pretending it is not fed (feed) an hour ago.

Living room. Living room

You can then move on to cleaning the other rooms such as the living room (the living room). Here the bulk of the work. Let’s start with polished wood furniture (polishing the wooden furniture) and wipe the surface from dust (dusting the surfaces), after raising all frames with photos, porcelain figurines, souvenir seashells and other little things that were purchased five years ago during a holiday at sea. Then the correct pillow (straighten the cushions) on the couch. In the living room floor to wash (mop the floor), and then vacuum (hoover / do the vacuuming). Or vice versa. In our family, this issue has always been a stumbling block. It’s like it was before — the chicken or the egg. Then you can dust off the TV (dust the TV-set). Do not forget, as usual, to howl in pain, stepping on one of the details of the designer who the child scattered throughout the house. By the way, you need to collect (pick up) scattered all over the floor (lying around) items. And finally, water the flowers (water the flowers), one of whom began to gnaw the cat, in a desperate attempt to prove that he is still hungry.

Bedroom and bathroom. Bedroom and bathroom

Go to the bedroom (bedroom), which we have forgotten in the morning made ​​the bed (make the bed). Looking at the calendar, it becomes clear that it’s time to wash (do the laundry). It is necessary to change the bed linen (change the linen) — pillowcases (pillow cases), linens (sheets) and duvet (duvet covers). Fill the washing machine (fill the washing machine) linen, pour the powder (pour washing soap) and run it (start the washing machine). It is necessary to wash and a sweater, but it’s better to do it manually (hand wash).

While we went to the bathroom (bathroom), and then you can clean up. Clean the mirror (clean the mirrors), wash with a sponge bath and wash basin (sponge the bath and the sink), thoroughly clean the toilet (scrub the toilet). When working with cleaning agents (cleaning agents) would be good to use rubber gloves (rubber gloves).

As we washed and cleaned, bathroom was transformed, and the machine has finished washing. It unloads (empty the washing machine), we put the laundry in a bowl (plastic basin) and hang (hang up) it on the clothesline (clothesline). When it is dry (dry), you need to stroke (iron). But a hole in one sheet. We must mend (mend). Well, that broke the iron (an iron). Repair of home appliances (fixing / repairing home appliances) — is not easy. But we still fix it and bring it to the end started ironing.

Other places. Other places

Now it’s time to replace a bulb change (the light bulb) in the hall (the hall). On the table near the phone bills are (bills), you need to pay (pay). But it’s tomorrow. But the phone reminded that you need to call and ask her husband to take the child out of school (pick up the child from school). Since we are in the corridor, will come out of the apartment and sweeping (sweep) entrance (entrance hallway).

It seems everyone. The apartment looks great. Time to stretch out on the sofa and watch a funny video.

To-do list, a dog running in the video:

  • To lay the table — to set the table.
  • To make a toast — a toast to cook.
  • To bring a towel — bring a towel.
  • To dust the shelves — shelves cleaned from dust.
  • To wipe a stain — wipe the stain.
  • To pick up the mail — to retrieve mail.
  • To polish shoes — shoes clean.
  • To take out garbage / trash — take out the garbage.
  • To pick up things — pick up objects.

Do not forget to download a list of words. Print all useful phrases and expressions, and teach them while cleaning the apartment.

↓ Download the list of words on the theme «Domestic responsibilities» (* .pdf, 205 KB)

And I suggest you do a small test to check how you remember the words and phrases of today’s topic.



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