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History nicknames of American cities

According to research conducted in 2009, in the US there are about 20,000 towns. Many of these cities thanks to its history and activity gained some fame. World fame of a city often gives rise to the appearance of a variety of nicknames or aliases (nicknames).

Thus, residents of Pittsburgh is proud to bear the name of the inhabitants of «City of Steel» («The Steel City») as a reminder of the industrial revolution of the XIX century, in which the city was directly involved. And the residents of Dallas can not wash away the shameful stain to the reputation of the city, which is called the «City of Hate» («City of Hate»). And all because of the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963. Whatever the glory of the city — a bad or worthy of respect — the second name, you can tell a lot about the history of a particular region.

If you are a regular reader of our blog, then you know that usually we make the tests at the end. Let today’s article is based on a different principle: first try to pass a test of how well you know the «nicknames» American cities, then we will tell you what and how the so-called city. Try to remember all the options nicknames that you have ever met in various sources.



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