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Going into the new year: «New» idioms and phrases

New Year — the most magical and exciting holiday. Time bright garlands, gifts and goodies … Time for new expectations and hopes … A time when we look back at what achieved in the year … The time when we are optimistic looking forward and set new goals. Have you already made ​​your list of plans for 2015 (New Year Resolutions)?

Perhaps the next selection of interesting English phrases and expressions of the «new» will help you with that!

  1. To breathe new life into smth — to breathe new life into something.

    May New Year breathe new life in all the aspects of our daily routine. — Let the New Year will breathe new life into all aspects of our everyday life.

  2. Out with the old, in with the new — Out with the old, opens a new way.

    Time to change. Out with the old, in with the new. — It’s time to change. Out with the old, it’s time to open up a new way.

  3. To live the life to the full / fullest — live life to the fullest.

    Everyone can choose to live to the fullest. It is just the matter of choice. — Everyone can live a full life. It’s just a matter of choice.

  4. To turn over a new leaf — a new start, a fresh start.

    This striking event influenced and changed him a lot. He turned over a new leaf! — It is a stunning event greatly affected him and changed. He started life with a new sheet.

  5. To start from scratch — to start from scratch.

    Important: Unlike the previous sentence (turn over a new leaf), the expression to start from scratch means the beginning of something new from scratch, that is, without any preliminary basis. For example, if you start to learn an entirely new language, which is not studied before, you can say to study the language from scratch (to learn the language from scratch). This phrase can also be used in speaking of a new business project, about anything, what you have no prior training.

    She has built this business up from scratch. — She built this business from the ground up.

  6. To break new ground — to be an innovator, a pioneer, start a new business, to find a new path.

    Steve Jobs has broken new ground in IT. — Steve Jobs has opened new directions of development of the IT industry.

It is known that one way of memorizing new words is their binding to their own lives. If you decide to create your list of New Year’s goals in the English language, at the same time be able to bring along in 2015, and many useful expressions.

Do not be lazy and try now. Take a pen and paper and make a list of your plans for next year, using expressions and phrases from this post. You will be surprised how quickly and reliably these phrases come into your active vocabulary.

According to statistics, 47% of lists of New Year’s plans include goals related to education and self-development. You are planning something similar? Then these idioms will be useful:

Expression Determination Translation
To burn the candle at both ends. To go to bed late and get up early in order to study or work. Learn from morning till night without rest.
To hit the books. To study hard. Hard to do, sit on the books.
A bookworm. Somebody who likes reading very much. Book lovers, bookworm.
To cover a lot of ground. To study a lot of material. Go a lot of educational material.
To get through something (a set of material or a course). To do some amount of work or studies (a course or material). Complete material / course.

In 38% of cases, we set goals related to our body weight ratios. Here are some expressions using parts of the body:

Determination Translation
Head over heels in love. In love with their ears.
Weight off your shoulders. Chip on my shoulder.
To keep your chin up. Do not get discouraged, keep up the nose.

Thirty-four percent of those who plan for the purposes of the following year, wish to improve their financial condition. Table — idioms related to finances:

Determination Translation
To feel like a million dollars. I feel happy, confident and independent.
Filthy / stinking rich. Terrible rich.
Strike it rich. Suddenly rich.

31% of all New Year’s wish list includes objectives related to the relationship. Appropriate idioms are shown below:

Determination Translation
Ask for smb’s hand in marriage. Asking someone else’s hands.
To find Mr. Right. Find your ideal partner.
Get back together. Back together after a breakup.
To make eyes at smb. Build anyone eyes.
To take vows. Take the vows.

Happy New Year to you! Let all that you plan necessarily true!

PS And as a New Year gift — a few incredibly useful words and expressions in the context of the New Year:

Duplicate for the convenience of the words from the video:

  • To spare a thought — remember, think about someone (who is in a bad situation).
  • Overtime — Overtime processing.
  • Hectic — chaotic, active, restless.
  • Backlog — a blockage, the accumulation of backlogs.
  • Heading your way — to go to you, sent to you.



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