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Games for learning English

To the English language is not quickly bored, and the learning process has not been boring, try to diversify its various activities, alternating training various skills and enriching your knowledge. Do you learn the language or With Tutor (English on skype or courses), and maybe you are a teacher who seeks to make classes interesting and memorable — in any case, pay attention to games for learning English. Choose the ones you like, and play. And since this is the game to learn English, you will combine business with pleasure.

What are the games to learn English?

If you are a teacher, you can invent games themselves to learn English. For example, for fixing the lexical material or grammar can make dominoes, puzzles, a competition to present the spirit of competition. You can do role-playing games, playing a variety of life situations, using only English (the seller — the buyer, the doctor — patient, the actor — his fan, etc.). In this case, the creation or selection of games for learning English depends only on your imagination and desire to liven up your learning process. Believe me, your efforts will be appreciated, after all, regardless of age, like to play a greater or lesser degree.

If you can not or do not want anything to invent, use the tips, advice and even ready-made materials used in games for learning English. These are books and manuals, is a compilation of materials, so-called resource pack. A lot of publications issued by foreign publishers. They can be purchased or downloaded from the Internet, and then print out what is useful to you. A great resource there are many books on the subject: Lexical games at English lessons, Word Puzzles and Games (on practicing and memorizing vocabulary), Grammar Games (knowledge of grammar checking), Phonic games (for training reading and pronunciation) , Quick Thinking Games and Riddles (to develop logical thinking and ingenuity), etc. The selection of games for learning English is huge, but having played at least once, you will try to play games in your teaching process again and again. And he would benefit from this.

If you are learning the language, you can also take advantage of the above-mentioned material and choose something that will help to improve your knowledge. However, the most popular games to learn English in a self flash games are presented on the Internet. For example, there is a game in which you have to hear a description of the person or entities, and select the desired option. Or buy specified in the list of goods in strictly allotted time. And games on the compilation of words in some way simply does not count. If you are interested in these games to learn English, take a look at their range of resources such as:

  • — in addition to the list of games you will find a list of links to sites dedicated to just games
  • — games for learning English on various subjects
  • — the same name game to learn English. Of the proposed letters you add the necessary words and get bonuses for which you buy your character clothing and accessories.

Of course, only to learn English through games — is not an option, but to use the game in the overall process of learning is not only possible, but necessary. Learn English with passion!



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